Chavez Wins

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Hooray, Hugo Chavez has won a third term as President and despite fears of Manuel Rosales throwing a wobbler and shouting foul, has conceded.

Well done Hugo.

Civil marraige? What’s that then?

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I caught clip of Newsnight last night and I didn’t know if I heard them right or if I had misunderstood or just heard out of context.

What I heard went along the lines of ‘In Israel there is no such thing as a civil wedding, so this Rabbi is pretty busy’.
Whether the Rabbi is the only one who can do marriages or not is of no concern, but no civil weddings!?

As I say, I didn’t know if I had heard correctly so I asked an Israeli in Jerusalem, Desert Peace, and it is true, only religious weddings are allowed.

Apartheid on religious grounds. How can anyone defend a country that operates that amount of control on it’s subjects? How is this country meant to be a beacon, an example in the Middle East? Ridiculous.


Clouded Judgement Mixes

December 1st, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

Clouded Judgement have stuck a mix by each DJ on their website.

You can download or listen to it here, or just click on Kev, Damo or Marks’ name under their banner in my sidebar.

Good stuff, lads.

Oh, nearly forgot, 8th December, Scubar, York Street, Machester. £3, 10-2am.

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