Jonathon Cook: Blood and Religion: Unmasking Zionism

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Manchester. 8th February 2007

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Israel has no war criminals…

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…and never could have if Foreign Minister Margaret Beckett is doing her job.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asked British Foreign Minister Margaret Becket on Wednesday to enact a law preventing the arrest of Israel Defense Forces officers in British territory, during their meeting in Jerusalem.

According to a political source in Jerusalem, British authorities promised Israel roughly a year and a half ago that the country would enact a law similar to a Belgian law, passed in the wake of the Belgian warrant issued for the arrest of then-prime minister Ariel Sharon.

The Belgian law transferred the authority to issue arrest warrants for foreign citizens on accusations of war crimes from the courts to the government.

Beckett promised the prime minister that she would take care of the issue.

This is an outrage, the parliament and the judiciary should be separate. If there is a case to answer under British or International law, then it should be heard in a court of law without exception.
What makes IDF officers different from anyone else? It says that Israeli officers can never do wrong, because if it is left to the government, I can’t see them issuing a warrant.

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Campaigners to picket Israeli Company importing Valentine’s Day Flowers

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The Boycott Israeli Goods campaign is planning a mass picket of the depot on Saturday February 10th at 1pm in opposition to the sale of Israeli goods and in support of Palestinian farmers who are not able to market their goods internationally The aim is to draw attention to this company’s sale of flowers from occupied Palestinian land on Valentine’s day.

We are asking the British public not to buy blood stained flowers for their loved ones this year. Carmel Agrexco is the largest importer of illegal settlement goods into the UK. The Valentine’s day period is one of their busiest as the company deals with large amounts of fresh flowers from Israel and the settlements. In the UK Agrexco is known under the Carmel, Coral and Jaffa brands.

…The UK is the most important foreign market for Israeli fresh produce. Agrexco exports a wide range of produce to the UK including peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, spices, flowers and avocadoes. Agrexco is the largest exporter of settlement produce for sale overseas. Much of this produce comes from colonies in the Jordan Valley.

…The company persistently refuses to press charges against the activists because they are scared of having to prove the legality of their business in open court. This follows from actions of 11th November 2004, when Palestine-Solidarity protesters from London and Brighton were arrested after taking part in non-violent blockades outside the same company and 30 August 2006, when demonstrators blockaded the company for 11 hours and no arrests were made.

In September 2005, a Judge ruled that Agrexco (UK) must prove that their business is lawful. The acquittal of the seven activists before they were able to present their defence meant that the court did not have to rule on the legality of Agrexco-Carmel’s involvement in the supply of produce from illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In September 2006 protesters blockaded the company again, Carmel refused to have demonstrators arrested because this would have lead to another embarrassing court appearance where their business methods would have been investigated by a British court of law.

The Valentine’s day picket aims to expose this company’s complicity in murder, theft and damage of occupied land, collective punishment, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and other breaches of International Law to public scrutiny.

Also, don’t conform to this day that the capitalists have invented to empty your pockets. Do you need to be told when to tell your loved one how you feel? Does buying a naff teddy bear or some flowers express what makes that person special to you?
Make it from the heart and not the wallet, then they really will know you love them.

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Checkpoint 300

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Chirac hurries to retract after gaffe on Iran’s nuclear threat

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President Jacques Chirac has been forced into an embarrassing retreat after appearing to single-handedly change French policy by saying Iran’s possession of a nuclear bomb would not be “very dangerous”.

In remarks to journalists on Monday, M. Chirac added that if Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel “it would not have gone off 200 metres into the atmosphere, before Tehran would be razed to the ground”.

After realising the impact of his remarks, which he believed to be “off the record”, the official transcript of the interview removed the comments and the journalists were summoned back to the Elysée the next day.

A nuke, not dangerous? oh kaay.

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