Turkey Swizzler

April 19th, 2007 § 0 comments

Bernard Matthews, the Don of all things turkey is going to be receiving nearly £600,000 compensation for the loss of the healthy birds the company had to cull after the H5N1 Avian Flu virus was found at its Suffolk Farm.

Bernard Matthews will be receiving the money, which is calculated according to the market value of the birds, from the government.
From the fucking government.
What? Didn’t he have any insurance? Is he a not-for-dividend company like Network Rail?
No. Bernard Matthews Limited is a private company that produces over 7 million turkeys a year, so is the 160,000 it had to cull going to make dent so big that the company is going to go to the wall if it isn’t recompensed for the loss? I fucking doubt it.

This £600k is designed to act as an incentive to do the right thing and report a disease early.
Well, how about not getting a big suitcase full of case as a sweetener to do what a company is obligated to do and have the chairman and maybe the whole board do a stint of porridge if they don’t raise the alarm in good time? That would save a bucket load of taxpayers cash going to companies that should and can stand up on their own or shouldn’t have any trouble persuading the bank to extend its overdraft and at the same time it is easier to send directors to gaol, it might make the Captains of Industry behave a bit better, but I doubt it. It’ll probably only make them more devious.


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