Ahmadinejad’s visit to NY

September 25th, 2007 § 0 comments

Not sure what to make of the Iranian presidents’ visit to New York.

First of all I’m surprised he got a visa, and the American press really need to look up the meaning of ‘dictator’. That’s at least the second democratically elected president of a country they’ve incorrectly called a dictator (the other being Hugo Chavez, and the UK press isn’t much better, if at all).

There this report from Asia Times that is quite favourable, saying he made his points calmly and wasn’t swayed at all by the prvocative questions and language used by the host, and then there’s this one, from the Guardian, which is not so nice, that goes on about his denial of a nuke weapons programme and not having any homosexuals in Iran (ok, fair point).


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