No excuses Guido Fawkes

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Flavours of…

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Have you seen the ads for Walls’ Magnum Mayan Mystica Flavour ice cream?
The agency have done a sweet job, earnt their money.

But what the fuck does it taste of?

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PM ‘to send message’ on cannabis

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he wants to “send a message” to youngsters that using cannabis is “unacceptable”.

Mr Brown, who is examining a report on potentially tightening the law, said he was worried about the “more lethal” use of skunk – a strong form of the drug. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, is expected to say cannabis should remain a Class C drug.

But Mr Brown told GMTV: “We really have got to send out a message to young people – this is not acceptable.”

Just a couple of things here:

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He said she said

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What must it be like to be on your guard all the time, being carefull about what you say, where you say it and who you say it to.
It can’t be easy, can it?
It’s one thing dropping yourself in it by whispering sweet nothings in the ear of the president of the USA with your microphone still open, but when friends publish a private conversation in their diaries…

It’s a wonder that all these MP’s and the like are mad with paranoia not knowing who they can trust.
Are the toilet cubicles all full, not with gentlemen crapping but furtively jotting down exchanges they’ve had with people so they don’t forget them that night when writing to ‘Dear Diary…’.

No wonder the public don’t trust these people when they can’t even trust each other.

Pot Noodle ad ‘sexist’, say complaints

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Oh fuck off. So what?

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Israel rejects Gaza ceasefire

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The Guardian:

“There would be no need for Israel’s defensive actions if Hamas would cease and desist from committing terrorist attacks on Israelis”

Isn’t that what Hamas is offering?


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Fuck it.

I’ve been gagged, censored, had a media blackout ordered.
I am not happy.

Neither was Mrs -O when she found out I was emailing someone else asking them to post it instead.

Another reason to get off Facebook

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The First Post:

Apart from the street corner, where, asked Greater Manchester Police, can we reach the idle youth? The answer, apparently, is Facebook.

On the face of it, GMP Updates is a Crimewatch-style news feed, an up-to-the-minute bulletin board of unsolved crimes (‘Man injured after gunshot fired, Rochdale’). There’s also a ‘Submit Intelligence’ button, so users can anonymously upload information, tips, even photographs.

But. There’s always a ‘but’.

The problem is that, when dealing with Facebook, nothing whatsoever is ever anonymous.

via Mr P.

Unlawful asset freezing

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The Times Online:

The Government’s powers to freeze the bank accounts of people it declares to be terrorist suspects are unlawful, the High Court has ruled.

Mr Justice Collins said that asset-freezing orders, introduced by Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, had the “most drastic effect” on the lives of British citizens, who were not allowed to know the detail of the allegations against them.

In a fiercely critical judgment, he added that the financial sanctions were unfair and absurd, and breached the fundamental rights of individuals.

This judge seems to have his head screwed on right, doesn’t he.

The judge said: “I take the view that the Orders in Council [the Terrorism Order and the Al-Qaeda and Taleban Order], as they stand, are not lawful. So far as the Terrorism Order is concerned, (this is) largely because it applies a far lower threshold – suspicion – than is justified by the UN resolution.”

“On the al-Qaeda order, it is because there is no fair means of enabling the individual to obtain any relief against the listing, because he doesn’t know what is alleged against him.”

He added that he had real concerns that the orders had introduced a criminal offence, of assisting a listed person, without consulting parliament

Rebels call off tax change revolt

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Yahoo News:

Labour rebels have called off their revolt over the abolition of the 10p income tax rate after Alistair Darling promised to compensate poor households who will lose out from the change.

Former minister Frank Field said he was withdrawing a rebel amendment which had attracted the signatures of 45 Labour MPs and threatened Gordon Brown with his first Commons defeat as Prime Minister.

The move came after Mr Darling announced he would meet one of the rebels’ key demands that compensation should be backdated to the start of this financial year, when the tax change comes into effect.

In a letter to the chairman of the Commons Treasury Select Committee, Mr Darling said that he would use the winter fuel payment system, tax credits and the minimum wage to help two groups thought most likely to lose out from the abolition of the 10p rate – low-income households without children and pensioners aged 60-64.

Why not have a lower tax band, maybe as low as 10p, and then people would see more of their money in their wages rather than have the taxman fuck up their benefit payments/credits/allowances because of incompetence/overcomplication of system and then everyones a winner.
People pay less taxes, the civil service can spend the resources used to work out he allowance on something else and the government can claim less people on benefits/tax credits etc.

The ‘rebel’ MPs’ shouldn’t be so fucking pleased with themselves either.
It was what? Eleven months from the budget to when the 10p tax band was abolished and they’ve only just got off their arses and realised it’s a load of shite and done something?

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