Basic terrorism…

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Decide on a target:
comedy terrorism
From Asian Voice

1) He can’t be fucking arsed to find out where his target is.
2) He’s going to use a, shall we say, method of blowing people up that doesn’t have the most reliable of histories.

And we’re supposed to be scared of these clowns? The only thing I’m bothered about is the standard of the education this twats’ been giving.

“something wicked this way comes”

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Dr Crippen:

I refer to David Kirby. You have never heard of him. You are about to. He is an American who has “reservations” about immunisations. Reservations that are not scientifically sustainable. In fairness, I should say he is not wicked. It would be much easier if he were. He is far more dangerous than “wicked”. He is sincere, articulate and persuasive. He writes well, he speaks well, he believes what he says (I assume) and he is on a mission. He is utterly, totally wrong. He deserves as much credence as a representative of the Flat Earth Society. Yes, the society really does exist. You can join here if you wish. Safer to join them than JABS. But, as a member of the Flat Earth Society, do not expect to be asked to speak in the Houses of Parliament.


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He will meet the leader of a country that amputates hands and feet for certain crimes at Number 10, but will not meet the leader of a non-violent occupied country in the official residence of the Prime Minister, but instead somewhere else, for fear of upsetting the occupiers.

Just saying for my sake more than anything else.

Uniting Religions

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he wants to dedicate his life to uniting the world’s religions.

I didn’t think Catholics were into all this evangelising? Nothing worse than a convert.

Britain is now ‘worse than Iraq’

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The Scum:

A HERO paratrooper attacked with an iron bar as he went to buy a pizza last night branded Broken Britain “more dangerous than Iraq”.

I think the expression used when on teh internets is ROFLMFAO!!1!

For a more considered response, try Septic Isle:

Quite so. By the lowest estimate, since the 2003 invasion 150,000 Iraqis have died in violent circumstances, with the numbers injured incalculable. By contrast, the murder rate in the UK stubbornly sticks in the region of the mid 700s, or at least has done now for quite some time.

What sort of wingnut actually believes this shit?
How the fuck can Britain be more dangerous than Iraq? For a start, we don’t have more than the population of Oxford running around the place with various types of explosives shooting anything that moves. And because of that, we also don’t have the people the Multi-National Force are trying to get, blowing shit up.

What we do have is a shrill fucking ‘news’ ‘paper’ latching onto anything and everything to get forward it’s agenda of [insert Murdochs latest whim here].

PM press briefing from 28 May 2008

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In order to secure as strong a Convention as possible in the last hours of negotiation we have issued instructions that we should support a ban on all cluster bombs, including those currently in service by the UK.

Just as it should be. Nice one Gordon.

MPs’ comedy expeditures

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The independent:

Proposals to pay MPs £23,000 a year on top of their salaries to help them avoid embarrassing disclosures over their expenses provoked anger, as campaigners labelled them a “sneaky” move that would prevent the system becoming more transparent.

Hmm. Lets see. Who shall we get to work out how to sort out MPs’ expenses to make them more transparent? Someone had a fucking brainwave didn’t they. This is a brilliant arguement for the government to hold a stock of flats in near Westminister for MPs’ from the constituencies. No more £3000 showers for Mandelson or mock tudor gables for Prescotts council house in Hull.


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Go Gordon, get the big boys to sort their shit out and stop fucking us around with their profiteering!!
You tell them Saudi’s that we aren’t gonna be held to ransom any more, just because they happen to be sat on all that oil. After all, we are meant to be buddies, aren’t we? Us and the House of Saud?

You what, Gordon? Sorry, I thought you said North Sea.

Oh. You did.

A cure for depression

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Woo Hoo!! I’m cured!!
I’ve been a bit of a miserablist recently, but I think I just found the cure:
Dr. F. Rodent, PhD Bovine Faecology:

Come on, cheer up – it can’t be that bad.

So, half the planet’s on fire with terrorism and war? Worse things happen at sea.

Yes, I did see that news story about how enormous cracks in the North Pole could signal the imminent onset of serious global warming, but I didn’t let it worry me. I’m a happy person, and I try to spend as little time as possible fretting over possible catastrophes.

After all, what’s a little global warming? Sure, it’ll probably mean famine and death for a good percentage of the planet’s population, but that’s just a drop in the ocean compared to what could happen. So turn that frown upside down!

I mean, you can’t be telling me that you’re sitting on a giant rock, hurtling through space at 108,000 kilometres a second, in an orbit that’s criss-crossed by millions of planet-killing asteroids and comets, and you’re concerned about a bit of a rise in global temperature? You worry-wart, you!

Law & Defamation/Libel for advice for bloggers

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I’ve seen this (from Mike Butcher) before and thought I’d done a post on it, but can’t find it now.
So more for my benefit than anyone elses, here it is again, and so I can find it again easily I’ll put a link in the sidebar.

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