May 25th, 2008 § 0 comments

It was my daughters 5th birthday on friday, so yesterday we took her and a small gang of her friends to Cotswold Wildlife Park to run around and look at some animals.
I ended up with a big insight into how the 5 year mind works. And basically it is stoned.

We went on one of those mini-railways that these places always have and, I’m not sure how I encouraged it, but ended up with four 5 year old children talking to me getting more and more surreal as the train ride went on. It was one of those conversations that you can’t get out of without being extremely rude, which is not what I wanted to be to my and my friends kids. Not one parent came too my aid either.

By the time the train stopped ten minutes later I had been involved in one of the oddest conversations I’d had since that time we caned a load of acid and worked out how to time travel.*

*Unfortunatley, when we all came down, no body could decipher the notes we’d made, although the diagrams were very pretty.

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