Craig Murray and the slow learners

July 14th, 2008 § 0 comments

Schillings are back!
This time on behalf Iraq mercenary Tim Spicer. They have reason to believe that that horrible man Craig Murray is saying naughty things about their lovely client, who is such a sensitive soul and needs to be protected.

Schillings want to protect little Timmy so much that they are they are getting in early before they even know for sure if Timmy is featured in the book. Craig is also speaking at an event, which they also warn about mentioning anything horrible about the delicate flower that is ex-army officer Spicer.

The letter that Schillings sent to Craig is also copyrighted. Presumably to try and stop what has started to happen – the widespread publication of this little fishing expedition.

To me, what schillings has done is take craig round the back of the bike sheds, grabbed him by the collars and pinned him against the wall whilst menacingly promising to beat the crap out of craig if he tells teacher about Tims’ naughtiness.

For the same reason as Tim, I have reproduced the letter in full on my old blog which is hosted outside the UK (link) or you can download the .pdf document from craigs site (link).

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