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September 17th, 2008 § 0 comments

The Miserable Old Fart is, being an arse. He is asking where the support for Kezia Dugdale is.

Last year there was a blog consensus that the blogosphere would stand up to rich people trying to bully individual bloggers when Asmanov went after Bloggerheads, where is that blog support for Kez?

All of the following blogs were willing to support bloggerheads. Was their support real? Or was it just an opportunistic way of getting a hit on Technorati?

Nice call for help, huh? Try telling people about it before implying hypocrisy, Farty.

Anyway, Kezia Dugdale is Scottish Labour party activist that has had the expensive lawyers of a man with deep pockets silence her.

There is a story that I’m now aware of, regarding Glasgow SNP Councillor Jahangir Hanif.
The abridged version is, at the beginning of August, cllr Hanif took 5 of his 6 children to Pakistan, near the Kashmir border and fired off AK-47s, made his children fire them and to learn how to use them. Including his five year old daughter. There was a big hoo-ha and Hanif got a slap on the wrist from the SNP, but they refused to do any more.
The way that Hanif seemed to get off so lightly prompted Hanifs’ 17 year old daughter to write a letter to Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP & First Minister of Scotland.
This letter wasn’t, how can I put this… Hanifs’ daughter, Noor, wasn’t congratulating Alex on his judgement, or extolling her fathers parenting skills and even temper.

Kezia published this scathing letter (I think there may have been some political motivation there) and was subsequently given 15 minutes by Hanifs’ lawyers to remove it. The letter is still floating around teh internets somewhere *cough*.

Curly has some appropriate words:

Once again we see the power of those with larger pockets being used to stifle and suppress free speech on the issuing of a 15 minute ultimatum from a firm of expensive solicitors. there are those amongst us who can ill afford to even challenge these edicts, unless some kind lawyer decides to ride to our aid on a white charger with an offer of gratis assistance, the law is loaded in favour of those who have the means and money to pull the correct levers, and it is true that I have come close to being in a very similar situation to Kezia. So on this occasion I must lend my support, particularly as yet again we find that

“that there are no actual libel proceedings, and no Court Order for the lawyers to enforce, only the threat of expensive legal action and general hassle, being used to silence.”

For a fuller picture of what’s happened see the links below:
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