Heathrow expansion gets go-ahead

January 15th, 2009 § 2 comments

The Guardian:

“The opposition is overwhelming but the government has decided to side with big business rather than listen to the people who put them where they are and the people can remove them again,” said Geraldine Nicholson, chair of the No Third Runway Action Group. “This is the biggest environmental disaster we’ve ever known in this country.”

Gathered in the King William IV pub, some local residents were in tears but most said they were not surprised and would redouble their efforts to save their historic village, which was first recorded as Sibwineston in 1150.

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  • Tim Almond says:

    There was a time when the upper classes would brag about taking weekends away to places. Once it got cheap enough for the oiks to do it, they started banging on about big business and the environment to try and make the oiks feel guilty about it.

    Tim Almond’s last blog post..Mark Wadsworth on the Government Loan Guarantee Schemes

    • Sim-O says:

      I don’t believe everything about the climate change scares, although I’m not one of these people to deny it outright. I don’t know enough and so err on the side of caution.
      I do think that there are other options to a third runway, like trying to reduce internal flights for instance. But again, being a simple oik, I don’t know enough to know if this will do enough, but cynical enough to know that some people stand to gain massively so need to have the decision scrutinised closely at the very least.

      I also have a more personal reason for a little opposition which I don’t want to say publicly on teh internets while I wish to stay anonymous.

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