Bullshitters beware

February 2nd, 2009 § 0 comments


Monday 9th February is the launch date for FactCheck UK, a new blogger-driven project that aims to pull together some of the best talent from the British blogosphere and subject the veracity of Britain’s politicians and mainstream media to some much needed independent scrutiny.

I shouldn’t really have to explain the concept as you should all be familiar with the US FactCheck website and Channel 4’s own sporadic efforts. We’ll operating to more or the same principles but with a somewhat wider brief, one that takes into account the role of the media in spreading disinformation and bullshit. We’re also planning to be a bit less po-faced that our American counterparts and lace the site with a bit of humour to go along with the serious business of chasing the truth.

Also starting up are the Bullshit Awards (nothing to do with US ones, I think). The awards nominations are open from the 16th February for 10 days and have loads of catagories, of which the Churner Prize, the Witchfinder General Award and the Whores of Babylon Prize sound interesting.

See Liberal Conspiracy or Ministry of Truth for more details.

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