A link-love like no other

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Tim has found out that it is possible to Googlebomb Youtube…

I found out about this after I linked to this ‘Ninja Cat Fail’ video in this post, using that nice Mr Draper’s name in the linked description. The next day, I was looking for a clip of the man, recognised the 2nd-to-top result (screengrab), and realised immediately that I alone had artificially/externally provided the only ‘relevance’ to this query.

Tim wants Google to fix it and thinks the best way to do that is to make a big thing of it till Google realise what’s happening.

I’m just think it’s funny and am curious to know how little influence I have in the results.

So I am going to link to …

… and count the years roll by before I’m on the first page of results.

Chavez the Dictator

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The Daily Dish

Yesterday, Hugo Chavez abolished term limits in Venezuela paving the way for life-long rule.

What the fuck is it with these fucking people? Why the fuck does everyone keep calling him afucking dictator?

Chavez has been elected and re-elected and had his decisions comfirmed with fuck loads of referenda (or whatever the plural is), so why is changing the law to allow him to stand for re-election a third time a ‘power grab’?

It is no different to our system. Theoretically, if she hadn’t gone batshit mental we could’ve still have had Maggie Thatcher as Prime Minister.

When he loses an election and still becomes President, like Monkey-boy Bush, then you can call him a power-grabbing dictator.


No, really. WTF?

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Chris, in Justins comments:

Tony Blair

Laureates 2009 – 2009 Present Leadership
Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) Blair, former British Prime Minister, is one of the most outstanding statesmen of our era.

From the time he assumed leadership of the British Labor Party in 1994 until he stepped down as prime minister in 2007, he showed exceptional intelligence and foresight, and demonstrated moral courage and leadership.

Having led a demoralized and struggling party to power in 1997, Blair exercised a pragmatic approach, strong conviction and personal charisma to lead his country in a period of remarkable economic and cultural growth. He helped broker an agreement between Unionists and Republicans in Northern Ireland; he engineered, against all odds, the policy that resolved the crisis in Kosovo, and he was one of the architects of transforming Britain’s position in the EEC. It was the Kosovo crisis in particular that transformed Tony Blair into an international leader on the basis of his steadfast determination and morally courageous leadership.

Tony Blair has consistently asked the important questions and thought deeply about the interconnected world of the 21st century. Early in his prime ministership, he came to two beliefs that guide him to today: first, that it is a mistake for the world to wait for America to solve all of the tough questions, and second, that there are some things a state may do within its borders that justify intervention even if the actions do not directly threaten another nation’s interests.

Upon stepping down as Prime Minister, Blair was appointed as the Middle East Quartet Representative. As envoy for the united Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States, his goal is to bring stability and peace to the Middle East.
Throughout his career, Tony Blair has acted on the basis of what he believes to be right, a hallmark of leadership.

See what I mean? WTF?

Update: This isn’t Chris’s view, it’s the citation for the Dan David Prize. Just thought I’d make that a bit clearer.

The Sun: defending its’ reporting

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I’ve got a new post up at The Sun Lies.

It’s about the Suns’ defence of it’s Baby P reporting.

Happy Valentines day?

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Well? Was it? What did you do then?
Buy your misses an overpriced bunch of roses? Or did you take her to your third choice restaurant because you lunched it and left it too late to get a table at the better gaffes? Were you seduced into paying over the odds for a some monkey metal and a piece of glass because some advert told you your beloved will be over the moon about it?

Me? Fuck all. I soon put a stop to that.

I show my wife I love all year round and don’t need to be told when to buy her a present.

Guardian in ‘terrorist conspiracy’ Shocker

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Bartholomews Notes on Religion:

Jeremy Reynalds has now published an extraordinary second piece on the Glen Jenvey affair, in which he points out that the Guardian employs as a columnist Faisal Bodi, who has “denied Israel’s right to exist”. Bodi has links with Ummah.com (allegedly), and so he may have been “Abuislam”. The Guardian therefore published the article questioning Jenvey in order to protect their columnist. Really – it’s that weird

Now with added emotion!

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The Sun:

HEARTBROKEN TV star Lorraine Kelly has told of her agony over the murder of her local Big Issue seller.

Tragic Paddy McDade was found in his flat last month in what police described as a “particularly brutal” scene.

Now GMTV favourite Lorraine has paid tribute to the 37-year-old who worked outside Dundee’s Marks and Spencer store.

The Scottish Sun columnist said: “I used to buy my Big Issue from Paddy whenever I was in Markies.”

Speaking to the mag, she added: “He was always so cheery. He’ll be sadly missed.”

Heartbroken? Agony? Lorraine must’ve known Paddy very well to be in such grief, otherwise Lorraine would just be ‘shocked’ or ‘saddened’.

Could the Sun be exaggerating their columnists feelings?
The Suns’ piece says ‘Speaking to the mag’ so nobody at the Suns’ office has spoken to Lorraine and the piece has been lifted wholesale from The Big Issue

Lorraine spoke of her sadness when she heard of the death of Paddy McDade, who used to sell the magazine outside Marks and Spencer in Seagate.
“I used to buy my Big Issue from Paddy whenever I was shopping in Markies,” she said. “He was always so chatty, optimistic and cheery even when the rain was hammering down. He will be sadly missed.”

Ah, ‘sadness’. Ms Kellys’ heart is still in tact, spared of agony for someone she barely knew. The words she spoke in the Big Issue are pretty stock for a celeb that had a passing acquaintance with someone.

Thanx to the Sun, though, she has a couple of extra emotions added and viola, Lorraine seems more sensitive and caring and so, when she writes her column, you know she’s not a hard nosed woman, but is writing from the heart and has our best interests in mind.

Cross posted at The Sun Lies.

Qualified by association?

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Derek Draper in a recent Guardian profile claimed to have a MA in Clinical Psychology from Berkeley, University of California. Guido Fawkes has been doing some digging and found out that Mr Draper has not been entirely honest. It turns out that Berkeley have no record of Derek Draper and, as The Guardian report today, he actually received his degree from a private institution, the Wright Institute, which does not offer full time degrees and has no affiliation with Berkeley, merely sharing a neighbourhood. Derek Draper admits that while the Wright Institute have no academic connection with Berkeley “I did have the use of the facilities at the Berkeley campus.”, but his use of the gents at Berkeley has not prevented him from implying that he studied there on his website.


Update: In the interest of balance and fairness, Dereks’ response.


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How am I going to protect my 4 decades of diary writing so that my kid’s kids can read them with the same interest I am my grandma’s? What happens when Twitter disappears. More importantly when it doesn’t give me access to all my tweets*. Or Flickr closes and I lose the photos therein? When the email I have sent over the last 10 years is consumed by the company I work for? What happens in 30 years when PHP and MySQL and Linux no longer exist?

How will my grandkids ever find out what I thought of their wedding day if Twitter is bought by AOL and completely buggered?

Details, details, details…

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Beau Bo D’or spotted the London Evening Standard setting their stall out on the Israeli elections, and then deciding to tone it down a bit.

They may have changed the headline from…

Israelis go to polls to choose between three warmongers.


Israelis go to the polls in tight election race.

but the webmaster at the Standard forgot one little detail (click to enlargen)…


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