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April 7th, 2009 § 2 comments


Online advertising firm Phorm is pressing ahead with plans to launch more than a year after it first drew criticism from some privacy advocates.

“We have been supported or endorsed by all of the leading stakeholders,” Phorm chief executive Kent Ertugrul told BBC News.

“Ofcom, the Information Commissioner’s Office, the Home Office, leading privacy advocates like Simon Davies, the advertising industry and publishers have all backed our service,” he said.

All the major stakeholders except the people who will be effected the most: the internet using public.

And who’s this Simon Davies bloke? Never heard of him. he might have got this award or done whatever, but he can’t be that much into privacy if he’s ok with Phorm.

Kent Etugrul of Phorm…

I am surprised by the fact, after it has been repeatedly explained how the technology works, they seem to be very keen on misunderstanding what it does

No, people know what it does, and even how it does it. And that is the problem. It is opt out. A fucking awkward shitty opt out that one will have to opt out of every time ones cookies are cleared.
Even when someone has opted out, their movements on the web still go through Phorms equipment, there is no way to bypass Phorm. The user is still dependent on Phorm and its’ technology doing the right thing and not recording their movements.

Phorm and privacy? My arse.

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  • Kent Ertegrul claims to have explained how Webwise works but he has NOT satisfactorily answered any of the legal criticisms of the Webwise product.

    There is unedited video footage from the 2007 open meeting where Dr Richard Clayton and Alexander Hanff laid out their arguments against Phorm (and Kent Ertegrul failed to answer their arguments) at http://tobymeres.net

    Phorm have yet to publish ANY verifiable legal opinion saying that Webwise is legal as the law stands. Not one word in the public arena.

    Despite various challenges to do so, including on my blog.

    Phorm’s Webwise “product” is illegal. If it is perfectly legal then where is the QC opinion saying so?

  • Sim-O says:

    Hi Jamie.

    Thanx for the dropping that link on me, I shall have a look when I get a bit more time in the next day or two.


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