Groucho Club vs Tyrone D Murphy dropped

December 16th, 2009 § 0 comments

From a comment left a Matt Wardmans’ place…

The pre publication test case for libel the famous Groucho Club instigated against award winning filmmaker and writer Tyrone D Murphy is now at an end

The Groucho club, after nearly a year has issued discontinuance notice just a week before a case management conference was to take place where an order time for standard disclosure would have been made

The notice was issued shortly after a witness came forward. The statement was lodged with another Court in Wales in relation to a Data Protection Act case that Tyrone D Murphy issued against the Groucho Club

The witness who was a manager from the Groucho Club had just left his employment at the Club recently. His detailed statement not only refutes the Groucho Club statement of case but is a detailed statement of the events at the Groucho Club over a five year period.

The case now being at an end, no deal was done or no deal will be done. The book “The Groucho Gate Affair” is going ahead.


The Groucho Club didn’t really have much to say on the matter.

Background here.

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