Tiger Woods – so chuffing what?

February 19th, 2010 § 1 comment

Tiger Woods has apologised.

Who gives a shit?

What the fuck is he apologising to us for? Did he sleep with my wife? did he sleep with me after telling me he was single? No. Obviously not.

With his adverts, and I must say I didn’t follow them ever so closely so I might not have seen them all, did he proclaim that he was an the epitome of of the monogamous family man? Not from the ones I’ve seen. The adverts I’ve seen him don’t have much talking, by Tiger himself, or many women in them, his wife or any other woman.

So why the fuck is he top of the cunting news? Even my local BBC news had a slot on him this evening!

The only people he needs to apologise to are his family. This is just a fucking media stunt to get Woods’ sponsorship back and the media are complicit in this. Woods plays chuffing golf, for christ sake. He doesn’t need anyone’s forgiveness to play and win tournaments, he needs the publics’ good feelings to get sponsorship.

What a waste of fucking airtime.

Immediately after I published I found, via MamaJunkyard, this flow chart to work out if Tiger owes you an apology or not.

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