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March 19th, 2010 § 2 comments

Look at this…

It’s a neoprene bracelet with a hologram on it. Remember that. It’s made from the same stuff as wetsuits and a little hologram. It’s not just for decoration, though. It is a nifty bit of magic.

I was told about it by a friend who said that surfers use them because they improve your balance. We laughed, naturally. I then googled it and am told that these things ‘promote balance, flexibility, strength and overall wellness’. The ‘subtle’ magic in these holograms is so subtle that they don’t even need to be worn, they can have an effect even when they are only near a person.

How does it work? Here comes the science bit…

Subtle frequencies (bio data) are programmed into holographic media. These frequencies resonate with the body’s red blood cells believed to amplify and increases the efficiency of electronic, chemical, and organic systems.

The human body is a bio-electrical system, “Bio-field”. The bio-electrical energy is created by cells in varying frequencies through muscular actions and can be altered, strengthened, and balanced when influenced by [the magic hologram].

[The magic hologram] can be understood by imagining how the tuning fork works resonating a specific vibration at a constant pitch. Similarly, [the magic hologram] resonates multiple frequencies “bio-data” with the body’s Bio-field, forcing the Bio-field into vibrational motion – at its natural frequency to enhance cell-to-cell communications.

Who believes this stuff? It’s just a load of horse-shit. I would go through that description, but it speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Update (i really shouldn’t publish posts so readily, should I?):
Surfing magazine interviewed a salesman of these thing last May (my emphasis on the last question)…

SURFING: What the hell exactly is this thing?

HARRY: Power Balance is based on the reality of frequencies. Albert Einstein said that everything in life is vibrations. Power Balance, in effect, is it’s own frequency — just like a radio station is a frequency. The use of frequencies has been around for ages: from ancient metals to modern EKG’s. The guys who made Power Balance learned how to transfer this particular frequency onto a medium — this hologram — to make it possible for everyone to benefit from it. When you put Power Balance next to your body, it resonates with the frequency in your body — similar to how you tune a guitar with a tuning fork. So it helps you tune your body to that particular “pitch” and the energy in your body — or the Chi as they say in Chinese — is at an optimal level; increasing balance, concentration, flexibility, blood flow… Power Balance helps your body work to its maximum potential.

So, are you a witch?

I’m not, but I think the owners might have met a witch when they found this thing.

But really, is this thing magic? It doesn’t really seem to work very, you know, logically.

No, it’s science. Frequencies are used in MRI’s in hospitals, they use frequencies to cure tumors. Everything has its own frequencies — from an earthquake to this spoon — everything is resonating. It sounds weird and wonderful, but it’s a fact and it’s the basis of this whole universe that everything has its own frequency.


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