Slave Labour

November 8th, 2010 § 5 comments

Workshy fuckers are gonna have work for their handouts, apparently…

Long-term benefit claimants could be forced to do manual labour under proposals to be outlined by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

He is due to outline plans for four-week placements doing jobs like gardening and litter clearing.

He said the message would be: “Play ball or it’s going to be difficult.”

Heh. The lazy shitters are gonna have to do more than just wander down the dole office once a fortnight for their housekeeping/pub money now. They’re gonna have have to do what they’re most scared of – work.

Jobseekers will have to do compulsory work, at least 30 hours per week…

Under the plan, claimants thought to need “experience of the habits and routines of working life” could be put on 30-hour-a-week placements.

Anyone refusing to take part or failing to turn up on time to work could have their £65 Jobseekers’ Allowance stopped for at least three months.

I see a flaw.

If people are made to work, it is not voulantry. If the £65 a week job seekers allowance can be revoked if the claimant fucks up in any way with regard to this ‘work placement’, it could be argued that the allowance is wages for the work. With me so far?

£65 allowance, or wages, a week divided by a 30 hour working week equals £2.17 an hour.

The minimum wage for over 21 year olds is £5.93.

The coalition is proposing to employ people on short term contracts for less than half the national minimum wage.

Utter cunts.

For more flaws in the plan see Liberal Conspiracy.

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§ 5 Responses to Slave Labour"

  • The Daily Fail (who may or may not have insider info) says: “£1 an hour to clear rubbish…new IDS blitz on the workshy”

    [Instead of receiving their usual £65-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance for sitting at home doing nothing, they will get substantially less – and will have to clock on and off on time and work flat out.

    The Government has not decided how much people on ‘community placements’ will be paid but it is understood the figure will be between £30 and £40 a week – the equivalent to £1 an hour, one sixth of the minimum wage.

    They will also be expected to look for a ‘proper job’ for when they complete the scheme. Each participant will be expected to spend at least 30 hours a week on their specified ‘work activity placement’.]

    This is even worse than £2.17 an hour, but The Fail seems to have entered orgasmic heights of delight reporting on it.

    Given the news that the south is going to end up cleansed of the low paid and unemployed, I feel that the idea behind ‘workfare’ is to have a pool of people ready to be bussed to the south to do all the low paid, menial, essential jobs that better off people wouldn’t deign to do. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but nothing would surprise me from this coalition.

  • J says:

    Not to mention that for under 25s, JSA is £51.85, so that’s just over £1.71 an hour- and since it’s ‘at least’ 30 hours per week, it may be even less. Nice.

  • Sim-O says:

    Whichever way you cut it, it is people being employed to work for less than what is deemed by law to be the minimum acceptable pay.

    Another string to the Big Society bow, eh?

  • All the more reason for employers not to bother employing people for minumum wage contracted work when they can exercise a little patience and get the job done for free.

    It seems to me that employers are just going through the pretense and the motions of the recruitment/interview system. While they are getting what they really want free workers generating profit for them.

  • Mathematics.
    £5.93 x 25 hours= £148.25 a week (contracted paid worker).
    £5.93 x 30 hours= £177.90 a week (contracted paid worker).
    £65.45 (JSA) + £15.38 (Training Allowance) = £80.83 a week.
    80.83 divided by 25 hours = £3.23 (free worker supplied by the Jobcentre).
    80.83 divided by 30 hours = £2.69 (free worker supplied by the Jobcentre).
    __________________________________________________ ____
    The free worker calculations are what the worker would get paid per hour if the person they were working for actually paid them.

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