On quietly changing names

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John Elmes and why you can’t trust Times Higher Education.

Governed by consent

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Old Holborn posed an interesting question to his MP and I wondered how my MP would answer.

So I asked her…

Dear Ms Blackwood,

You’re my Member of Parliament Let’s be honest, you’re not there to represent me or my wishes, that’s why you joined a political party.

You won the election, even though most people in the Oxford West & Abingdon constituency didn’t vote to be represented by you in Parliament so now I’d like to ask you a very simple question.

How do I withdraw my consent to be governed by you?

I’ll assume you believe that the population are governed by consent and not force, so how do I withdraw mine? You see, I don’t want anyone to represent me in Parliament. I want to be free of other people assuming responsibility on my behalf, making laws on my behalf and raising taxes on my behalf. I want to be free of all the Statutes and Acts you guys spend your days creating “on my behalf”, “with my consent”.

I’m not an anarchist or a troublemaker, I’m just asking you a simple question.
How do I withdraw my consent to be governed?

Or MUST I be governed and taxed? I know if I refuse to pay whatever taxes you decide are in my best interests, you will put me in prison, I know if I refuse to abide by whatever laws you decide are in my best interests, you will put me in prison and I’ve decided, actually, that’s not a very good deal. Not in “my best interests” you might say.

Before you decide that MY paying taxes is in the best interests of everyone else, remember that I was born a free man, not a labouring serf to whom you can dictate that half my labour must be used for the betterment of others, or else I will go to jail. That is akin to slavery or bonded labour, something made illegal in 1956 by the UN. I demand nothing of Government and in return, ask that it demands nothing of me.

Well, Ms Blackwood? Am I free or am I only free to attempt to choose my master who will inflict his laws and his taxes upon me in an election? In which case I am not free and my labour belongs to the State, regardless of which political party holds office. A bonded labourer if you prefer.

I await your response. Please don’t use the “you are free to find somewhere else to live” argument, I was born here, here I will stay, and am perfectly capable of governing myself thanks. So, how do I withdraw my consent to be governed by you or Parliament and NOT be thrown in prison by you? Am I free or am I trapped in what Conservatives used to call a “closed shop”? Am I merely your servant whilst you pretend to be mine?

Times Higher Education

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You see that, up there? The title of this post? Well, I am proud to announce that not only is Times Higher Education the title of this post but also the new name of this blog. You like it?

I think it’s rather snazzy. Quite catchy and if you’re clever the first letters of each word spell ‘THE’, which, if some one else wanted to use the name too would be quite a clever little device they could add so our different market sectors don’t get confused.

I’ve spotted a couple of other people seem to have also adopted the name, as well. But HA! I’ve done a little check and the name isn’t trademarked, probably…


so even though these other chaps were using it before me, it doesn’t matter, cos I thought of it all by myself before I knew they had. That makes it all right you see.

That’s how it works, isn’t it?

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