“It’s gotta have bass. You gotta be able to feel it, not just hear it.”*

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Septicisle dropped some massive choons at the start of the weekend. Drum and Bass too, just my cup of tea.

So, at the end of the weekend have some more…

*me, circa 1990s. It still holds true today.

My obligatory royal wedding blog post

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I was just looking through this article about who has been invited to William and Kates’ wedding and this sentence jumped out at me..

John Major, who served as a formal guardian to the princes after their mother’s death, is going and Lady Thatcher was invited but will not be present because of ill-health.

John Major, an ex-Prime Minister, was the formal guardian after Princes William and Harrys’ mother died. What the fuck was wrong with Prince Charles being their formal guardian? Y’know, being their father an’ all.

It’s not like Charles is some drug addled homeless person who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, although some of his views on medicine could lead one to think differently.

Unexpected political graffiti

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I came across some graffiti yesterday, underneath a road bridge whilst out cycling, so I went back and photographed it today. (click the images to enlarge)

'make millionaires history' graffiti

We all know Indymedia.org, don’t we? On the other side of bridge is

'migration is not a crime' graffiti

with a close-up of dear old Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear graffiti

The URL next to Paddington is noii.org.uk.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen overtly political graffiti around here (although I do have an appalling memory) and it’s hidden under this bridge.

Myth & Magic

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For those of you that might be interested for some reason, This is the route we cycled this morning (.pdf).

It’s a route called Myth and Magic presumably because the first half is along the Ridgeway which has some ancient mystical places along it, such as the Uffington White Horse and castle and Waylands’ Smithy. It took us 2 hours 7 mins which is, according to my riding buddies, a very good time for the 23 miles. They’d previously done it in about 2 hrs 40-ish.

Anyway, as we’re officially entered in the Polaris Challenge in the Peak District in June, there will be lots more of this, as well as 20 miles a day round trip to work most days, weather permitting.

Drinkaware.co.uk bollox. Again.

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I’ve posted about the drinkaware campaign before.

This time, well, see for your self…

Is your maths good enough?

To enter and get to the goodies of the site you need to be able to subtract eighteen years from todays date. This, apparently, show commitment to responsible drinking.

What fucking good is this little exercise? Anyone of the age of seven can do the maths and when was an age limit on reading about booze imposed?

[stops typing whilst thinking of the words ‘patronising’, ‘pointless’, ‘they’ (in the sense of ‘look what they’re doing’]

internal conversation

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Who’s about? Could I? When was the last time I asked? They’re gonna think I’m taking the piss, ain’t they?

Don’t think about it. No, that’s not going to work you idiot. Think about something else, then. Take your mind of it.

She’s always good for it. I’ll show my ‘I don’t really want to’ face. No, I can’t. Not with her there as well. That was well embarassing, last time.

Have something to eat instead. Fuck it. my lunchbox is empty. I’m not hungry anyway.

Who else is about? Where does he work? Is it the third or second floor. I’m not gonna go all they down there. What if he’s not there? I’m gonna look a right plum.

You don’t need them. They’re fucking with you mind. You’ve been this long. You wouldn’t like it now anyway. Once the brief initial lightheadedness has faded anyway.

No. You’re doing well. It’s not a problem.

Is it?

An appeal on behalf of…

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Tim Ireland writes…

If you have received an email or have been made aware of any kind of electronic message from/about a person who claims to have knowledge of material retrieved from my rubbish bin, I would greatly appreciate (a) hearing about it, and (b) receiving the full headers of the relevant notifying email so I might collate a package of evidence for presentation to the police as soon as it possible.

If you’ve received an email about Tims’ bins, go here where he explains how to get the emails to him with the header info intact.


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You know when you want to post but nothing comes to mind? Well. This is one of those posts. I seem to be in a bit of a rut. Apathy, is a close friend at the moment. That and lack of time.

Nothing seems to get my goat, except for other drivers, who by their very nature are only allowed on the road to piss me off, and a very good job of it they’re doing too.

So, anyway. How have you been? Have you seen Anton’s being made redundant. Shitty business that is, usually. Full of fear and self-questioning. Not everyone can see being pushed out of a job as an opportunity. It can hurt. It’s different if you’ve made the decision yourself to move on. You’ve prepared yourself. You might still be going into the unknown, but it’s been your decision not somebody else making that decision for you. From his post, Anton seems to have taken it well. Which is good. As one of his commenter said…

If this blog is any guide, you’re a good bloke with a good brain and you’ll find your way.

Matt Frei has been presenting Newsnight this week, hasn’t he. It doesn’t suit him. He’s ok as a correspondent, but not as the anchor. Something about his delivery when talking to the camera, I think.

Here’s a weird ‘un for you. The Express has an article up about how white pupils are dumbers compared to kids from other ethnic groups. What’s weird about it is that it’s fairly balanced. The first part just lists the percentage of kids from different ethnic groups in that get five or more good GCSEs by town and city. No snarking or insinuations, just the figures. The second part refers to ‘experts’ and names one of them who actually, according to my lazy Googling, seems to actually be an expert. I’m fucked if I know why the Express has taken a quote from this chap, he’s only blaming poverty and not race or multiculturalism or political correctness. The prof says it’s to do with lack of aspiration, un-educated parents and unemployment. He has offered this opinion with out an anonymous counter arguement appearing in the article either. Yeah. Weird, huh?

I went for a bike ride on Saturday morning. Me and a couple of friends did an organised mountain bike event. It was bloody hard. We did the medium route, 26 miles, in just under 4 hours. I’m bloody pleased with that. It’s the first time I’ve done something like that. The hills were steep and it was really muddy, as you’d expect for January. Some of those other guys are amazing. Flying up these steep muddy hills on bikes that looked like they’d dragged out the bottom of a river. Awesome. If you’re interested here’s the results (.xls) and the medium route is in yellow (click to enlarge)

Well, I think that’s about it for this braindump.


Get out of my bloody way!

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I’m sorry to have another rant. I don’t intend to be all miserable and negative here, but fuck it. It’s my blog and I’m getting really pissed off about this. I have to say something before I pull some one over and ram their faux leather driving gloves down their fucking neck.

I want one of these on the front of my car:

The ideal car
(image originally from here)

I am sick to fucking death of going down a slip road, seeing some doddery old cunt in front potter along at 45mph with traffic screaming past me at 70+mph. I am sick to fucking death of having that ‘we’re going to die’ feeling every time I try to join dual carriageway or motorway.

I say old bastards, but these people that seem too fucking scared to use the loud pedal don’t seem to be old any more. Or women (why do some women, and it is only women, drive with their nose pressed up against the windscreen?). There’s still the slow old gits about but it’s not the exclusive domain of the old to be doddery anymore. Dodderyness, when it comes to driving seems to have been democratised. It is now the domain of, it seems, just about fucking anyone.

Cars in general, and especially modern cars, have good brakes. They stop quicker than they accelerate. So why do these fuckwits seem to think that it is ok to fuck off down the slip road slower than a dead frog and expect to be able to pull into traffic that is doing at least 25mph quicker than themselves? Why the fuck doesn’t it occur to them that if they get their fucking arses up to speed they will be able to fit into a smaller gap? Or that it’d be easier to slow down to slip in behind a lorry than to speed up to get in front of Mr BMW travelling at the speed of fucking light.

I want a spatula on the front of my car to flip these cunts, just like a burger, out of my way. Flip them into the grass verge where they explode in dramatic fiery ball of death. The end reslut needs to be this severe so it serves as a warning to people who are slow as fuck as to what happens when you, not necessarily don’t go quickly enough, but fucking dither about and don’t get out my fucking way.

bits and bobs

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Two things for you.

First up, a plug for a mate.Synkronyst

With 15 years experience in music production, songwriting and guitar playing, and an aptitude for quickly absorbing new techniques, Tom Leith has a passion for bringing out the musical genius in the people he works with and in himself.

Not only does Tom write and produce music, he also does videos and websites. If you’re after some music, video or a website, go have a look and give him a shout.

Next, a big congratulations the Kevolution who, has gone a bit quiet here lately, has just become a published author in peer-reviewed journal. I’m not even going to pretend I understand what he’s written.
I’m not linking to it as if I do, Kevolutions’ real name and all that type of thing become obvious and I don’t if he wants that. I may update with a link later if he’s ok with it.

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