“We currently know of 5,400 Greek copies … of the New Testament…”

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I’ve been reading.

Lost Christianities, by Bart D. Ehrman. The following extract shows, simply, that the New Testament, the book all Christians hold so dear, has been changed and altered at the whims of men. It is not devine in any way.

After the fourth or fifth century, copies of the New Testament became far more common. Indeed, if we count up all the New Testament manuscripts that have been discovered, it is an impressive number overall. We currently know of 5,400 Greek copies of all or part of the New Testament, ranging from tiny scraps of a verse or two that could sit in the pal of your hand to massive tomes containing all twenty-seven books bound together. These copies range in date from the second century down to, and beyond, the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century. As a result, the New Testament is preserved in far more manuscripts than any other book from antiquity.

What is interesting for those who want to know what the original text said is not the number of New Testament manuscripts but the dates of these manuscripts and the differences among them.

I should emphasize that it is not simply a matter of scholarly speculation to say the words of the New Testament were changed in the process of copying. We know that they were changed, because we can compare these 5,400 copies to one another. What is striking is that when we do so, we find that no two copies (except the smallest fragments) agree in all their wording. There can only be one reason for this. The scribes who copied the texts changed them. Nobody knows for certain how often they changed them, because no one has been able yet to count all the differences among the manuscripts. Some estimates put the number at around 200,000, others at 300,000 or more. Perhaps it is simplest to express the figure in comparative terms: There are more differences among our manuscripts than there are words in the New Testament.

Oh no! Another christian being fucked over

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Here we go again (istyosty link)…

An electrician facing the sack for displaying a small cross in his company van was backed last night by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.
He said it was ‘outrageous’ that Colin Atkinson had been told by the housing association he works for that he cannot show the Christian symbol of his faith on the dashboard.

Oh, just fuck the fuck off you doddery old cunt. Time for the previous head fantasist to wheel out the ‘christians are marginalised’ speil.

Devout Mr Atkinson says he is prepared to lose his job at Wakefield and District Housing (WDH), where he has worked for 15 years, and has accused bosses of marginalising Christians in the name of political correctness.
‘The 64-year-old grandfather from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, said: ‘It’s a scandal that we live in a Christian nation and yet Christians are not allowed to practise their religion.
‘I expect to be sacked but I have no fear of man, just a fear of God.’

And there it is. We don’t live in a christian nation, it may be filled predominantly with christians, or at least out of those that actually believe rather than the population as whole, but we are not a christian nation as say, Iran is an islamic nation, or The Vatican is a catholic nation. Britain is a secular nation. Twat.

And that’s some kind caring god you’ve got that you have tobe scared of him/her/it.

Mr Atkinson’s battle, revealed by The Mail on Sunday, follows a series of similar cases involving Christians who claim their freedoms have been infringed by controversial equality laws.

These equality laws are only contraversial for deluded fucknuts like these wankers.

Lord Carey said last night: ‘It’s outrageous that anyone cannot display a small palm cross. This is political correctness gone mad once more.

I’ll tell you what is outragous. It’s outrageous that cunts like the Daily fucking Mail keep giving these shit stirrers a fucking platform.

‘I salute Mr Atkinson for his bravery and all Christians who quietly stand up for their faith

Hahahaha! Bravery? That’s not fucking brave. Go to fucking Afghanistan and try to convert some fucking muslims to christianity, then we’ll talk about who’s fucking brave.

Former Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe, a devout Christian, said: ‘It’s one rule for Christians and another rule for followers of any other religion.’
WDH promotes its inclusive policies and allows employees to wear religious symbols – including burkas – at work.

Jesus snapping arseholes! They would drag that shrivelled old bag out for quote, wouldn’t they?

If you read through the whole fucking article, you’ll see that the Mail contradicts Widdie and pokes a big fucking whole right through her chuffing statement.

‘It is permissible for WDH employees to display, within the spirit of the Act, religious artefacts and other personal possessions on their desks and themselves.’

Now, even someone as dense as me can see that this cunt doesn’t have a desk. He has a van. As such he is not able to display anything personal on or in his van. But, he, just like sihks and their turbans, and muslims and whatever the fuck their head gear is called can wear these religious displays because they are wearing them.

If this cunt really wants to display the fact that he believes fairy stories then get a fucking necklace or a ring. If a muslim employee started filling his van with islamic paraphanalia he would be told to get to fuck too.

It also looks like this electrician hasn’t just thought of kicking up such a fuss by himself either.

Andrea Minichiello Williams of the Christian Legal Centre, which is backing the electrician, said: ‘This smacks of something deeply illiberal and remarkably intolerant.’

The infamous Andrea from the Christian Legal Centre, of Nadine Dorries failed abortion reform fame, is pushing another load of shit.

Prayers in Parliament

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I got bored of waiting for my comment to be moderated on this post about the suggestion that prayers at the start of the day in the main chamber should be abolished by Edward Leigh at The Cornerstone Group, so here it is in all it’s majestic glory…

they provide a short opportunity to meditate or even collect one’s thoughts at the start of the day.

Can’t you collect your thoughts before the working day starts, like on the journey in, or something?

Irrespective of one’s religious view, is three minutes in 24 hours too much to think about God, the creator of all that is?

Yes, especially if you don’t believe in a god.

Is three minutes too long for the members of the National Executive to pause and remember their place, their duties and their responsibility for wellbeing of their nation?

I should hope the members of the National Executive would be able to remember where they are and their responsibilities without having to stop everything they are doing and have a think about it for a while. Most other people don’t seem to have such bad memories.

Christians, I believe, must be prepared to stand up for their belief in public life. If they don’t, their views will fast be marginalised or driven out because they would be considered eccentric to hold them – even in a nation with a Christian heritage.

Oh, give over with the ‘persecuted Christian’ nonsense. It’s rubbish and you know it, unless you’ve been reading the daily Mail/Express.

on the Not Ashamed bollox

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I apologise in advance, but this post may not be very intelligent, intelligable or of any merit at all, but these guys can just fuck right off.

Teh fucking Christian loons have crawled out the woodwork and are screaming about their slowly eroding privilege with a campaign called Not Ashamed. I’m fucked if I know why they chose fucking December for this fucking thing. It’s not like there fuck all else going on this month to promote being a Jesusist.

Christians who believe their faith is “under attack” in Britain have launched a “Not Ashamed Day” campaign.

I read that as…

Delusional, paranoid cunts put their head above the parapet.

And you’ve got to be at least slightly delusional to be able to say…

… I do not any longer see a level playing field in our society,

…with a straight face when you were dismissed from your job for being a religion induced bigot.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey claimed Christians of “deep faith” faced discrimination.

“Deep faith”? What the fuck is ‘Deep faith’? Sounds like a euphemism for ‘extremists’, to me. Either way they’re wrong. They don’t face discrimination. Ridicule and robust arguement, yes. Discrimination? No. Funnily enough, I would use the same examples to make my point as do these ‘deep faithed’ christians…

Their campaign highlights a series of cases involving Christians who have lost claims for discrimination.

They include Nadia Eweida – a British Airways worker from London – and Shirley Chaplin – an NHS nurse from Kenn, Exeter – who both lost high-profile discrimination claims over wearing crosses at work.

And Gary McFarlane, a Christian marriage guidance counsellor from Bristol, lost a court bid earlier this year to challenge his sacking for refusing to give sex therapy to homosexuals.

See? All three of the cases these fuckwits use as examples of discrimination are *not* cases of discrimination. What did Lord Carey do with regard to the last case? He only called for a load of judges to sit on the appeal that had “proven sensitivity and understanding of religious issues”. That, to me, is code for ‘the judges didn’t understand the special logic needed to be understood on matters of faith’.

If you need special judges with a different understanding of logic to everyone else then that’s not much of a level playing field, is it?

When I first saw this article this morning it didn’t have the counter views. I especially like this one from another bunch of Christians…

The Christian think tank Ekklesia said that there was “no evidence” to back up the Not Ashamed campaign.

Co-Director Jonathan Batley said: “Since 2005, when we first predicted the growth in claims of ‘persecution’, we have been closely examining individual cases and what lies behind them [and] have found no evidence to back up the claim of the Not Ashamed campaign that Christians as a group are being systematically marginalised in Britain.

“We have found consistent evidence, however, of Christians misleading people and exaggerating what is really going on, as well as treating other Christians, those of other faith and those of no faith in discriminatory ways.”

Presumably Ekklesias’ members faith isn’t as ‘deep’ as those wankers from Christian Concern. Or is it that Ekklesia used the wrong type of logic?

The BNP/Christian love-in

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  1. a formal discussion in a public meeting or legislature, in which opposing arguments are presented.
  2. an argument.


Nick Griffin…

Tonight I will debate the issue of Christianity in modern Britain with Revd. George Hargreaves, Leader of the Christian Party UK.

WTF? That’s gonna be some debate.

I intend to press home the increasing Islamification of the UK, the decline and censorship of Christian values, history, traditions and culture in politically correct Britain, and the absurd spectacle of the modern upper echelons of the clergy teaming up with leftist political radicals to dismantle traditional Christian Britain.

To have a debate their needs to be an opposing argument otherwise there’s just a lot of nodding in agreement to what ever anyone says. What do the Christian Party offer? Well, during the European election campaign their line was…

Britain is a Christian country, vote to keep it that way

God (watch out for Godwins’ Law).

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God. Where to start, eh?

God does judge the nations — all of them — and God will judge the nations.

Nations are made up of individuals. Even during the Nuremburg trials, individuals were prosecuted, not the German nation. What that statement above says is that God is into collective punishment. But we already knew that anyway.

Look at the original sin. Man is born a sinner now because of the decision of an individual, Adam, to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

What the Vatican says about the original sin is…

It is a sin which will be transmitted by propagation to all mankind, that is, by the transmission of a human nature deprived of original holiness and justice. And that is why original sin is called “sin” only in an analogical sense: it is a sin “contracted” and not “committed” – a state and not an act.

Original sin is not something someone’s done, it is inherited. Even a baby that is just born, that has no chance to develop a character, never mind any knowledge, opinion or attitude about anything, is doomed.

Unless of course it renounces a life without god in a ceremony usually taking place before it has any concept of consent never mind the deeper logical and theological concepts involved in a baptism.

Hmm. Isn’t it also usually considered bad form to do stuff to/make someone do stuff that they have no understanding of?

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