Too odd to be real

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This a new one to me

An EU spokeswoman said the story was “too bizarre to acknowledge”.

Canadas’ Governor General eats a piece of raw seal heart to show a bit of solidarity to Canadas’ Inuit seal hunters, in a stunt reminiscient of John Gummer trying to feed his daughter a burger during the UKs’ first outbreak of ‘Mad Cows’ Disease’ to show confidence in the beef industry.

Raw seal heart may not be to most European tastes, most will never find out seeing as it’s now banned here, but it’s not that bizarre and it also sets a bit of a precedent.
The act of eating the seals heart isn’t unbelievable, like being asked to comment on someone having eaten their own head, it is a plausible and documented ‘thing’ someone has done. Instead the EU should’ve just issued the standard ‘No Comment’.

Being ‘too bizarre to acknowledge’ means that, as far as the EU is concerned, Ms Michaella Jean didn’t eat that peice of seal. It never happened.

Hmmm. What else is so bizarre that it couldn’t have happened? How about waterboarding someone 184 times? After 40 or 50 times, wouldn’t it be a bit silly to think the guy is still holding something back? We’re the good guys, we don’t torture people, not for fun anyway, so it is a bit bizarre that someone would claim to be waterboarded 180-odd times.

What about a policeman assaulting a member of the public for no reason? The police have a duty to protect the public, don’t they. It’s not an easy job but the training is excellent so isn’t it bizarre that an officer couldn’t tell the difference between a man walking away from him with his hands in his pockets and a protester that might have tried to hurt the officer? I’m not going to acknowledge that one. It’s just too bizarre.

I also think that it is bizarre that all those innocent Iraqi, Afghani and Palestinian lives should be lost in the wars and battles going on today when the level of sophistication of the weapons and recon equipment is beyond the imagination of most people. The soldiers themselves have never before been trained to such a high degree either. For instance, the pilots of the Apache gunship helicoptor use their eyes independently of each other. So with this level of sophistication it’s certainly bizarre that so many people have died. Maybe that’s why most of the mainstream media have not acknowledged it.

What would really be bizarre would be if this stuff didn’t happen in the first place.

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