The Christian Republic of Britain

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I was driving home southbound on the M40 this afternoon when, as I approached J15 at Warwick, I just cought a glimpse of an advert. The sort that you see on the side of a lorry in a field. It should’ve taken only a few minutes to pull off the motorway and get to the appropriate field but due to lack of knowledge of the area and some hefty roadworks, I eventually get to it after covering 25 miles. On top of that, I could’ve just googled it and then clicked here.

Oh, and I got chased by some bullocks too.

Anyway, this is the ad…

On their site (which has currently exceeded it’s bandwith so the cache is here) the Christians demand…

A Christian Europe
Recognition that Christianity brought Europe freedom, law, culture and public morality. It’s time to return to those Christian values.

Well, where to start? I’m no historian so what, exactly, did Christianity get Europe freedom from? What was oppressing Europe that no other force or thinking or organisation couldn’t have done? What was before Christianity? Paganism, that’s what. Well, paganism isn’t exactly renowned for it’s authoritarianism, is it? So that bit is a load of rubbish.

Society was organised before the introduction of Christianity and for a society to be organised there needs to be rules. Right? And culture? Any way of doing things, consisting of rules and traditions and attitudes and other intangible things make up a culture. You don’t need to work at culture it just happens and cannot be stopped. Another bit of tat, then.

Public morality? Do you really need another paragraph like the previous ones? No, I didn’t think so.

Those ‘Christian values’, eh? What are those values? It changes with every brand of Christianity. They’ all supposed to be tolerant of the individual, but some types don’t allow women or gays to be ordained, or married even, because of what it says in the Bible. Yet other sects of Christianity do allow for it. How does that work? There are other examples but you get the idea.

Britain is a Christian country, vote to keep it that way

It’s a bit, BNP-Lite isn’t it? Or more fairly, Zionistic. What about all those people that aren’t followers of Jesus? These people are horrified whenever an Islamic state is mentioned. Islamic countries are looked down upon, but what they are proposing is no different.

The state should not have a religion. People should, if they want.

Details, details, details…

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Beau Bo D’or spotted the London Evening Standard setting their stall out on the Israeli elections, and then deciding to tone it down a bit.

They may have changed the headline from…

Israelis go to polls to choose between three warmongers.


Israelis go to the polls in tight election race.

but the webmaster at the Standard forgot one little detail (click to enlargen)…


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