Wales and the BNP

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The BNP are pleased with themsleves.

Some councillor has siad some stuff about the BNP being contrary to everything a Welsh National hero, Orwain Glyndwr, and since then T-Shirts with Orwain and a slogan on them, printed by the BNP, have increased.

I’ve never heard of this Orwain Glyndor chap, but John Walker, the BNP National Deputy press officer to give him his full title, is quite convinced that Orain and the Nationalists are peas in a pod…

Orwain stood for the right of Wales to be Welsh, which is exactly what the BNP’s [sic] policy is

That’s not quite correct though, John. Is it? There’s a little more to it than that.

The BNP support the right for the home nations to be Welsh/English/Scottish/Northern Irish as long as they adopt the BNPs’ version of their national identity.

The BNP do not support a Welshmans right to be any religion except Christian. Apparently, Christianity is the indigenous religion of these Isles. Why else would they make a big deal of how many mosques there are in Wales.

38 apparently. Handily, the BNP post lists them all. Why would they do that, I wonder? What does it matter where these mosques are. Why would the BNP list, for it’s readers, the addresses, including postcodes, of every mosque in Wales, when BNP members are probably the least likely to go visiting?

I hope no ones going to try to persuade some Welsh people to be more Welsh.

Andrew Brons MEP is a twat

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Andrew Brons MEP has opened his mouth and said that Kelly Holmes is a British citizen, but she is not British by identity. A current BNP line.

Yeah, yeah, fuck off. Identity is a personal intangible thing. It is for the person only to decide, not for others.

The BNP’s ultimate aim – as laid down in its constitution – is a return to a predominately white Britain that existed before the 1948 Nationality Act.

BBC News (February 2003)…

Almost 9% of us describe ourselves as non-white compared to under six percent 10 years ago. If you take away mixed-race identities that figure falls to just under 7.5%.

A far cry from the headlines in the run up to the 2001 Census which predicted that by 2010 white people would be the ethnic minority in places like Leicester and Birmingham.
The census is interesting in telling us where people have settled and continue to live

This fact was used by far right groups to whip up a spectre of Britain losing its indigenous racial identity.

If there were only 9% of people were non-white in 2001, I doubt it’s much different now, so aren’t the BNP pushing an open door? They’re rallying for something they already have.

So that’s it, then. They can shut up shop and fuck off.

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