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Our friendly local power station, nPower owned Didcot Power Station, was going to fill in some old gravel pits with ash.
The trouble is those lakes have become established lakes with lots of wildlife.

But now those lakes are secure.

(photo shamelessly stolen from This Abingdon. His post, with a couple more pictures is here)

Radley Lakes

How beautiful is that lake? Look how established the greenery is around it. Can you believe it they were gonna just fill them with ash?

Selling Fascism II

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More on Newsquest taking BNP money for banner ads across the top of they’re local newspaper websites.

Apparently newsquest were only doing it because they were under duress…

A salesman at Newsquest who said his name was James, said that Newsquest was obliged to carry advertising from the BNP as it was a “legitimate political party” and that not taking any money would be against “democratic rules of party political advertising” or some rubbish like that. He said, at any rate, that Newsquest was obliged to take money from the BNP and carry their ads because it was a political party. He referred me to the Advertising Standards Authority, who he said had codes that they had to follow.

When Sunny asked the ASA about this, he was told that no codes like that existed and the press (politics?) are exempt anyway. On Sunny went the electoral commission who stated…

“Under electoral law there is no obligation for a newspaper to carry any party political advertising. They are free to reject them if they wish to.”

So, Newsquest. Happy to take the Fascist schill.

Selling Fascism

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Via Adam Bienkov (aka ToryTroll), I’ve found that Newsquest, the parent company to pretty much all of my local newspapers, free and paid, weekly and daily, are now taking the fascist schilling.

The adverts are big banners across the top of the page completely dwarfing the title of the paper it is on…


After spending ten minutes looking at the sites of the Newsquest publications that serve my area, non turned up the BNP ad. Which is good.

As Adam notes…

Ironically enough Newsquest were heavily praised last year after deciding to no longer accept adverts from the sex industry.

But while they no longer make money out of exploited and vulnerable women, they now seem more than happy to make money out of prejudice, hatred and fear.

If you want to point out that maybe the carrying of the BNPs’ ads may not be quite compatible with Newsquests equality and fairness policy, and mission…

to publish market-leading newspapers which reflect the views of the communities they serve.

…can do so to the men in control

19/05 Update:
The ads have disappeared.

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