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Nadine Dorries seems happy to be seen to have someone making threats of violence against people for her, or so it seems by her silence on the subject. This is position that Nadine is putting herself in is not good, so I thought a she might need someone to have a quiet word in her ear.

Nadine isn’t going to listen to me, obviously, so off went a letter to my MP, Dr Evan Harris…

I am writing because a friend of mine, Tim Ireland, could do with your help.

For a fuller background to the story you will want to read the web pages listed at the end of this letter. It won’t take long, but the abridged version goes like this:

As one of the results of uncovering the source of a supposedly Islamist hit list of high profile people in The Sun newspaper, Tim has received serious threats of violence to him and his family from a group calling themselves ‘The Cheerleaders’. The ringleader of this group, and also of a music band called ‘The Fighting Cocks’ whose members have also been involved in this, is called Charlie Flowers. These groups know where Tim lives and have proved it by publishing his home address on the internet and there is no reason to doubt their sincerity with these threats.

Charlie Flowers has claimed that this campaign of harassment against Tim is being carried out on behalf of, amongst other people, Nadine Dorries, the MP for Mid-bedfordshire.

(the claim is here: http://barthsnotes.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/friends-of-the-cheerleaders-wade-in-with-evasions/#comment-12040)

Tim has contacted Nadine to get a denial that she is involved but a response is not forthcoming.

What I would like you to do is to speak with Nadine Dorries and maybe explain what sort of position she is putting herself in, and the reputation of MPs in general, by refusing to answer, or simply dismissing, this allegation that threats of violence are being issued in her name. I am quite sure I do not need to explain to you what that position is.

I look forward to your reply.


Tim Ireland, Patrick Mercer MP and a bloody disgrace

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Maybe this is why proper, real journalists don’t do any investigating any more and only print what they’re told…
After all, if you were looking into a story and, like Tim Ireland, your reward was…

To be smeared, to have his mental health impugned, to be accused of being a paedophile, lied about, vilified, stalked, and finally his home address made public on the internet. He has had to involve the police.

with those that could and should help not do so, is absolutely disgraceful.

Patrick Mercer should be ashamed of himself, at the very least, and the Tory high command have done nothing about him. Not even commented.

Tim has had help from Richard, but could do with more.

Write a letter, spread the word

…reach out to your local MP and find out what they think about this. No mobs, just a few quiet, well-informed questions to a few MPs.

A “polite letter-writing campaign,” if you will.

It doesn’t matter which party your MP is from, but you probably needn’t bother telling CCHQ or any relevant/senior members of David Cameron’s cabinet about this; they were informed days ago that all this was going on, and they haven’t said or done a damn thing about it.

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