Holy Cow!!

March 4th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

Just what we need, politicians making judgments on the word of god.
Speaking as an atheist, it really scares the shit out of me that someone is making judgments on what a little voice in their head is saying to them.
It is difficult for someone to make hard decisions without the influence of their god having some affect on the result, after all, their religions ideals and morals have shaped that persons personality and helped to make them who they are.
Political decisions need to be accountable, use your faith to help you make a decision, but if that decision cannot be explained or justified without the use of deities, magic or fairies, then the controls might as well be given over to mental patients.
After all, I can’t hear what was whispered in you head, so how do I know the voice of god wasn’t misheard, or misunderstood?

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