The power of the razor

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Look at the pictures.

[[image:karadzic_1995.jpg:Karadzic circa 1995:left:0]][[image:karadzic.jpg:karadzic before and after a shave circa 2008:inline:0]]

The first is Karadzic circa 1995 (original from here) and the second are before and after his shave this year.

How much persuasion had to happen to get him to have a shave and look like the eviiil bastard pictured in ’95 again?
I’m not entirely sure. You’d have thought (well I do anyway) that after having grown and nurtured a beaut of a beard like that for so long that matey would’ve been a bit reluctant to lose it and end up looking like Mr Murder again.

Perhaps that’s where Saddam went wrong…?

Interlude pt V

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PFM – The Western

Interlude pt IV

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Skid Row – Slave to the Grind

Bloody computers!

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Back from my holiday only to discover some posted I had lined up on a timer didn’t work.

I’ll soon sort that and post ‘them anyway.

Interlude pt III

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NWA – Express Yourself

Interlude pt II

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Oui 3 – Break From The Old Routine

Interlude pt I

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I’m off visiting my mum for a few days, so here’s some music: Nervous Norvus – Transfusion

Jesus & Mo: Reply

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[[image:jesusandmo-reply.jpg:Jesus and Mo:center:0]]

Dave Walker: The short version

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Matt Ward:

In a nutshell, a long running mismanagement and industrial relations saga involving legal shenanigans, enforced contract changes, now up to 30 Industrial Tribunals and the loss over 2 years of a 200 year old chain of bookshops after a takeover that should have rejuvenated it.

Dave had reported the story in 75 posts, and has been Cease and Desisted – in the middle of the Lambeth Conference where he is very busy as Artist in Residence, just as the bookshop chain is being placed in bankruptcy in USA; it is a UK company.

Abstruse management saga becomes freedom of speech issue in middle of 3 weeks when press attention is focused on Lambeth Conference.

Cue shitstorm. Hopefully

The long version.

Hat tip for the short version to Manic

Obsolete: Eady lays down the law

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An excellent post about the verdict on the News of the Screws/Max Mosley trial.
Go read it.
Go on then. What are you waiting for?


This is a pure example of how the journalism practised not just by the News of the World, but by the entire Murdoch stable works. You might recall that last year the sex blogger Girl with a one track mind was threatened in almost the exact same fashion by the Sunday Times, that supposed august organ, stooping to the same level as the red-top tabloids to expose her actual identity.

It’s therefore completely impossible to have any sympathy for the News of the World whatsoever. They created this story from the get go, not with any great public expose in mind, but with the pure intention of making money out of someone else’s private life.

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