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Just a record of a comment I’ve left at Nadines’ place in case it doesn’t get through moderation…

Nadine, why have you changed the contents of the post completely without even mentioning the fact?

The original post is still available on Googles cache for all to see so it now looks like you’re trying to hide something.

Oh, it also looks like your commenters have completely ignored your post and started chatting on their own about something else.

Oh, and I bet this comment doesn’t get through moderation.

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All’s Fair in War and Politics

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2 Things, that are quite apt for the title.
The first is Nadine Dorries (yes, yes) has been tried to unsay things on her blog, here’s the original post in full via Googles cache (and I’m also using the same title so it should show in searches, hopefully)…

My Labour opponent had a very strong letter in the Beds On Sunday this week.

In the letter he deployed his usual tactic of distorting the facts, something I’m becoming used to these days; however, he also said:

“I fought for as a soldier in Iraq in 2003”.

Anyone who reads my blog will know how pro-military I am.

I stand in awe and admiration of our soldiers, their professionalism and bravery.

Only last week, I wrote of how moved I was when I heard a Scots Dragoon Guard use his moment on TV to talk about the moment a soldier receives his pre-assignment message: ‘ contact with the enemy is certain’ – and what it is that fires that soldier on, one of our heroes, into battle.

So, you can imagine, when I read the words “I fought as a soldier in Iraq” I was quite impressed. Gosh, thought I, good job I’m the MP or I may be tempted to vote for him myself.

Only, did he fight in Iraq? Did he go out into the danger zones along with the a regiment on Op Telic 8, and risk his life and limb side by side with our soldiers, for the sake of freedom and democracy? The values for which he claims to have “fought in Iraq” .

I will be interested to find out the answer.

Claiming to be a hero when you write a political letter as the Labour candidate in a newspaper is a very big claim indeed. One that secures advantage and wins you votes.

Let’s hope it’s true.

Via Wireman
(also available here as a .pdf)

Quite a scathing attack. Calling into question whether someone has actually fought or not. And here is the New & Improved post

The local press are picking this up now, I will leave it up to them.

Anyone who reads this blog will understand that I have the hugest regard for all serving military personnel, TA, Army, Navy and Air Force and consider myself very lucky indeed to have two bases in my constituency. RAF Henlow, Chicksands and a TA training base.

I talk to many soldiers, regular and TA before they leave to serve, and as detailed in my blog, ‘A Soldiers Tale’, when they arrive home. I know and understand well exactly the danger and the operations they engage in.

However, the one thing I have learnt over the last few weeks is that in the battlefield of politics, one needs to be absolutely honest AND precise. Nothing less will do.

As you can see, quite a difference, with no mention of whether anyone has physically fought the enemy or just fought for democracy, which, unless one knew, would make you wonder what all those people in the comments were going on about.

Another entry on the catalogue of why Mid-Beds should vote for someone else when they get the chance.
(Update 06/06/09: Just noticed another proof of change)

Now, it is common knowledge that Nadine is friends with Iain Dale. They often post about various outings they have together. But, do you know how close they are? Apparently, it’s extremely close. So close infact, that Iains’ lawyers have warned Tim

Dale regards my criticism of Dorries to be aimed at him. I’ve been warned not to persist #sackdorries

Er, so. Tims’ criticisms of Nadine Dorries’ behaviour, even when not involving Iain Dale in any way constitutes and attack on Iain.

Bwa hahahaha! What a twat.

The Christian Republic of Britain

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I was driving home southbound on the M40 this afternoon when, as I approached J15 at Warwick, I just cought a glimpse of an advert. The sort that you see on the side of a lorry in a field. It should’ve taken only a few minutes to pull off the motorway and get to the appropriate field but due to lack of knowledge of the area and some hefty roadworks, I eventually get to it after covering 25 miles. On top of that, I could’ve just googled it and then clicked here.

Oh, and I got chased by some bullocks too.

Anyway, this is the ad…

On their site (which has currently exceeded it’s bandwith so the cache is here) the Christians demand…

A Christian Europe
Recognition that Christianity brought Europe freedom, law, culture and public morality. It’s time to return to those Christian values.

Well, where to start? I’m no historian so what, exactly, did Christianity get Europe freedom from? What was oppressing Europe that no other force or thinking or organisation couldn’t have done? What was before Christianity? Paganism, that’s what. Well, paganism isn’t exactly renowned for it’s authoritarianism, is it? So that bit is a load of rubbish.

Society was organised before the introduction of Christianity and for a society to be organised there needs to be rules. Right? And culture? Any way of doing things, consisting of rules and traditions and attitudes and other intangible things make up a culture. You don’t need to work at culture it just happens and cannot be stopped. Another bit of tat, then.

Public morality? Do you really need another paragraph like the previous ones? No, I didn’t think so.

Those ‘Christian values’, eh? What are those values? It changes with every brand of Christianity. They’ all supposed to be tolerant of the individual, but some types don’t allow women or gays to be ordained, or married even, because of what it says in the Bible. Yet other sects of Christianity do allow for it. How does that work? There are other examples but you get the idea.

Britain is a Christian country, vote to keep it that way

It’s a bit, BNP-Lite isn’t it? Or more fairly, Zionistic. What about all those people that aren’t followers of Jesus? These people are horrified whenever an Islamic state is mentioned. Islamic countries are looked down upon, but what they are proposing is no different.

The state should not have a religion. People should, if they want.

Billy Brit (Racist Shit)

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Manic at Bloggerheads has got his video camera out and taken the piss out of the BNP youth mascot er, thing.

Billy Brit is meant to show the kidz how great it is to be a true Brit, with white skin…

As usual, for the BNP, it’s a bit shit and highlights great Britains that weren’t actually British. That meant it was just begging to have the piss taken.

Take it away the all new Billy Brit (Racist Shit)…


Credit also due to Mike Power and Chris Applegate.

Too odd to be real

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This a new one to me

An EU spokeswoman said the story was “too bizarre to acknowledge”.

Canadas’ Governor General eats a piece of raw seal heart to show a bit of solidarity to Canadas’ Inuit seal hunters, in a stunt reminiscient of John Gummer trying to feed his daughter a burger during the UKs’ first outbreak of ‘Mad Cows’ Disease’ to show confidence in the beef industry.

Raw seal heart may not be to most European tastes, most will never find out seeing as it’s now banned here, but it’s not that bizarre and it also sets a bit of a precedent.
The act of eating the seals heart isn’t unbelievable, like being asked to comment on someone having eaten their own head, it is a plausible and documented ‘thing’ someone has done. Instead the EU should’ve just issued the standard ‘No Comment’.

Being ‘too bizarre to acknowledge’ means that, as far as the EU is concerned, Ms Michaella Jean didn’t eat that peice of seal. It never happened.

Hmmm. What else is so bizarre that it couldn’t have happened? How about waterboarding someone 184 times? After 40 or 50 times, wouldn’t it be a bit silly to think the guy is still holding something back? We’re the good guys, we don’t torture people, not for fun anyway, so it is a bit bizarre that someone would claim to be waterboarded 180-odd times.

What about a policeman assaulting a member of the public for no reason? The police have a duty to protect the public, don’t they. It’s not an easy job but the training is excellent so isn’t it bizarre that an officer couldn’t tell the difference between a man walking away from him with his hands in his pockets and a protester that might have tried to hurt the officer? I’m not going to acknowledge that one. It’s just too bizarre.

I also think that it is bizarre that all those innocent Iraqi, Afghani and Palestinian lives should be lost in the wars and battles going on today when the level of sophistication of the weapons and recon equipment is beyond the imagination of most people. The soldiers themselves have never before been trained to such a high degree either. For instance, the pilots of the Apache gunship helicoptor use their eyes independently of each other. So with this level of sophistication it’s certainly bizarre that so many people have died. Maybe that’s why most of the mainstream media have not acknowledged it.

What would really be bizarre would be if this stuff didn’t happen in the first place.

illegal mourning

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The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday approved a preliminary proposal which would make it illegal to hold events or ceremonies marking Israel’s Independence Day as a “nakba,” or catastrophe.

Rather than holding barbecues and parades on Independence Day, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians usually take the day to commemorate the dispersal of Palestinians during the 1948 War of Independence.

via Mike Power

Too harsh, maybe…?

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I reckon if Britain was still exporting it’s criminals to Australia, Thomas Payne would’ve been on the next boat out of here.

A 19 year old lad was taken to court and found guilty. His punishment? £50 costs, a 36-hour community order, which he has to do for three hours at a time for the next 12 Saturdays. Oh and he has to wear an electronic tag with a curfew from 8pm to 6am for the next four months.

What’s his crime? Is it Burgulary? Assault, maybe? Did he breach an ASBO, perhaps?

Not quite

A police charge notice said he had ‘intentionally and without authority or reasonable cause, caused sweets to be on a road, namely Lancaster Circus, in such circumstances that it would have been obvious to a reasonable person that to do so would be dangerous’ contrary to the Road Traffic Act.

The lad forgot to zip up his pocket when he dusted off down the road on his Yamaha DT175 and some mint imperials fell out.

They were just falling out of my pocket. Because of the time they followed me for they said I should have known.

Yes, he should’ve known, but he didn’t. Dropping some sweets isn’t worth community service and a curfew. It’s not just the big stories that erode confidence in and respect for the police. The punishment may be harsh, and the judge needs a word in his ear, but it should never have got that far.

Protecting the fragile

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Just a quickie, it’s not gonna move the debate on at all but can I just say that whenever Dizzy, and to a lesser extent Iain Dale, come riding to the defence of Nadine Dorries, with their shiny armour and big facts, it always reminds me of the little exchange with Neils’ father that comes after this clip of The Young Ones (I couldn’t find a clip with the actual quote in it)…

Rick: Well you can shut up now, Vyvyan. You can just about blummin’ well shut up! Because if you’ve got anything horrid to say about Felicity Kendal, then you can just about blummin’ well say it to me first!
Vyvyan: Rick, I just did!
Rick: Oh you did, did you? Well I ought to give a ruddy great punch on the bottom for what you just said! You’re talking about the woman I love!
Neil: And me, I love her too!
Neil’s Father: Well I agree with the spotty twerps on that one. Felicity Kendal is sweetly pretty, just what a real girly should be. I mean, speaking as a Feminist myself I can safely say this; that Felicity Kendal is a wonderful woman, and I want to protect her.
Vyvyan: Well it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it called that!

Take the hint

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As one of the many editors of the the Sun Lies I thought it would be an idea to be on the mailing list of Jon Gaunt and odious columnist with the Sun and now presenter of SunTalk, their 2 hour daily internet radio show.

I just received an email from it, and I think they’re trying to tell me something…


That’s it. Just unsubscribing info.
/gets coat

The Day the Nazi Died

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Just seems appropriate, what with the European Election an’ all…

Lyrics below the fold…

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