Help wanted: a Mid-Beds letter writer

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You may be aware that I’ve been asking Nadine Dorries a question via Twitter about whether she has dontated her MP’s salary for the period she was in the I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, as she promised she would.

I’ve been asking this question for sometime now, a couple of months. If you click the link, you’ll see that I’ve been perfectly reasonable and polite, no abuse, no swearing, just a reasonably worded question.

when I was getting the tweets together for this I realised Nadine had blocked me. I don’t know when as I don’t use Twitters web interface very often, but I do know that I wasn’t blocked when I started asking.

Dorries has seen the question and instead of engaging in anyway whatsoever, not even a ‘sod off’, she’s chosen to block me and ignore a valid question about her taxpayer funded salary, her integrity and whether she is as good as her word.

So, another approach is needed. I iwould write a letter or email to her, but as I’m not one of her constiuents, she is under no obligation to reply. Dorries will immediately bin and correspondence I have with her. Good or bad.

What I need is a little help.

I need someone who Dorries represents in Parliament to ask her directly whether she has kept her word and donated 12 days worth of her parliamentary salary to charity. Hopefully finding out how much and to which charities, but that bit is even more unlikely as the charities (i think) will be under no obligation to verify.

Anyone fancy writing a polite letter to their MP for me?

Won’t somebody think of the beagles!

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This is your MP, Mid Beds…

A woman that is so emotionally underdeveloped she can’t control herself when she sees puppies available to take home.

Just think about that and what it implies for her decision making abilities.


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The rest of this article is interesting but as a shy person, this struck a chord with me…

Zimbardo began thinking of shy people as incarcerating themselves in a silent prison, in which they also acted as their own guards, setting severe constraints on their speech and behaviour that were self-imposed although they felt involuntary.

I may write about this some day soon, if I can.

via FOI Man

Ban the sick filth in our lunchboxes

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So, the new idea for schools is to ban packed lunches.

What happened to the mantra of ‘choice’? Choice in hospitals, choice in schools, in amenities?

This idea can get to fuck, to be honest. A school is somewhere that I have to send my children. I do not get a choice in that. Fair enough that restaurants and cafes say that you can’t eat your own food on their premises, you have a choice to either stay there or bugger off and eat somewhere else. You don’t have that choice when you have to be somewhere by law.

There’s plenty of other things that can be done, like banning chocolate and crisps and the like from packed lunches. Many schools already do, but to force parents to have school dinners is ridiculous.

Most schools do not even have a kitchen nowadays and so will have to buy the lunches in. Yes, Jamie Oliver may have shown that good, cheap meals can be provided but how many schools will actually be able to provide that and if they do, how long will it be before standards start to slip due to either budgets being cut or suppliers cutting corners?

Another, meaner part of me thinks I don’t give a fuck what other parents give their kids. I provide mine with a good packed lunch, fuck the rest. Sure, make provision for the less well off kids with free school lunches, and some of the stories I’ve heard, some kids really do need the help, desparetely.

The rest though, it’s their kids the parents are failing. Fuck ’em. let them fail their kids.

Funnily enough, it may be a government commissioned report that advises banning packed lunches, but who are the authors? Restuarantuers. I wonder if the same result would’ve been arrived at if it had been written by someone not in the private sector food trade, someone independent?

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