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  • I am about to send you an email about Rupert Murdoch and Hugh Grant I suspect you will enjoy. Clearly i gave you credit as you demanded

    BTW Obviously I am this David Amos


  • Why not ask Ed Pilkington or his buddy Rupert Murdoch about what you refused to read two months ago???

    > ———- Forwarded message ———-
    > From: David Amos
    > Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 03:37:43 -0300
    > Subject: Here the News Tip about you that the Guardian dropped like a
    > hot potato EH Rupert?
    > To: atlanticnews@ctv.ca, infomorning ,
    > foreigneditor@independent.co.uk, jhenderson@newscorp.com
    > Cc: newsroom@wnyc.org, news-tips@nytimes.com, newsonline@bbc.co.uk,
    > “Rupert.Murdoch@fox.com”
    > From: Ed Pilkington
    > Subject: GUARDIAN
    > To: David Amos
    > Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 11:42 AM
    > hi
    > here’s my email and my cell number is below
    > all best
    > Ed
    > —
    > Ed Pilkington
    > New York bureau chief
    > The Guardian
    > http://www.guardian.co.uk
    > twitter.com/Edpilkington
    > Cell: 646 704 1264
    > Please consider the environment before printing this email.
    > ——————————————————————
    > Visit guardian.co.uk – newspaper of the year
    > http://www.guardian.co.uk http://www.observer.co.uk
    > On your mobile, visit m.guardian.co.uk or download the Guardian
    > iPhone app http://www.guardian.co.uk/iphone
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    > visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/subscriber
    > ———————————————————————
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    > be privileged. If you are not the named recipient, please notify
    > the sender and delete the e-mail and all attachments immediately.
    > Do not disclose the contents to another person. You may not use
    > the information for any purpose, or store, or copy, it in any way.
    > Guardian News & Media Limited is not liable for any computer
    > viruses or other material transmitted with or as part of this
    > e-mail. You should employ virus checking software.
    > Guardian News & Media Limited
    > A member of Guardian Media Group plc
    > Registered Office
    > PO Box 68164
    > Kings Place
    > 90 York Way
    > London
    > N1P 2AP
    > Registered in England Number 908396
    > — On Tue, 8/2/11, David Amos wrote:
    > From: David Amos
    > Subject: Re Rupert Murdoch and his associates Perhaps Ms Curtis should
    > show this email to the actor Hugh Grant
    > To: polly.curtis@guardian.co.uk
    > Cc: jhenderson@newscorp.com, rnolte@newscorp.com,
    > jdorrego@newscorp.com, “maritime_malaise”
    > Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 2:21 PM
    > http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jul/12/hugh-grant-phone-hacking-inquiry
    > ———- Forwarded message ———-
    > From: OIG
    > Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 16:29:48 -0400
    > Subject: RE: I just called again and tried to speak with John Seeba
    > and Cynthia Hogue of the FTC
    > To: David Amos
    > Mr Amos. I just talked to you. Our office only has jurisdiction over
    > internal matters like if an FTC employee is involved in fraud. We
    > also report to congress to notify them how the FTC utilizes funds.
    > What can we do for you?
    > Thanks. Zisa Walton

  • Sim-O says:

    You sent me transcripts of emails to and from people I’d never heard of about something I know little about containing links that made me think, “why are you sending this to me?”

    I’m presuming you want me to help publicise something, but what, I cannot quite work out.

    You contacted me. You tell me what the fuck you want without all the cloak and dagger or innuendo and I may see if I can help.

    At the moment, you’re looking like a bit of a conspiracy nut, which ain’t good.

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