The power of the razor

July 31st, 2008 § 0 comments

Look at the pictures.

[[image:karadzic_1995.jpg:Karadzic circa 1995:left:0]][[image:karadzic.jpg:karadzic before and after a shave circa 2008:inline:0]]

The first is Karadzic circa 1995 (original from here) and the second are before and after his shave this year.

How much persuasion had to happen to get him to have a shave and look like the eviiil bastard pictured in ’95 again?
I’m not entirely sure. You’d have thought (well I do anyway) that after having grown and nurtured a beaut of a beard like that for so long that matey would’ve been a bit reluctant to lose it and end up looking like Mr Murder again.

Perhaps that’s where Saddam went wrong…?

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