Obsolete: Eady lays down the law

July 25th, 2008 § 0 comments

An excellent post about the verdict on the News of the Screws/Max Mosley trial.
Go read it.
Go on then. What are you waiting for?


This is a pure example of how the journalism practised not just by the News of the World, but by the entire Murdoch stable works. You might recall that last year the sex blogger Girl with a one track mind was threatened in almost the exact same fashion by the Sunday Times, that supposed august organ, stooping to the same level as the red-top tabloids to expose her actual identity.

It’s therefore completely impossible to have any sympathy for the News of the World whatsoever. They created this story from the get go, not with any great public expose in mind, but with the pure intention of making money out of someone else’s private life.

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