Israel kills again

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Gaza: Four killed and 27 injured in two extra-judicial executions in two hours

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What The F…!!!

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Watch out General, you’ll be next on the hit list if this is true!

Oh, wait, just remind me who this Osama chap is again?
“Occupation? Unknown” – What? Come on, you’re the FBI!!

Doesn’t matter, you safe from George W., it’s just countries without WMD he invades, so these are safe(ish).


NHS Privatision

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Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman said some people were trying to misrepresent ministers’ views as privatisation of public services…
Mr Blair’s spokesman insisted that while ministers certainly intended to change public services, there were no privatisation plans…

Then, from Corporate Watch, this, and in the news yesterday DHL struck a deal with the NHS that is

“effectively a privatisation of part of NHS Logistics as well as a part of the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency”


“More than £22bn of orders over 10 years will be affected. The company says it will save the NHS £1bn in that period.”

If the NHS can save more than £1bn over ten years, by using a profit-making company, shouldn’t the NHS be able to save even more by doing it itself and cutting out the middleman as whatever profit DHL are making, could be more savings.
The NHS doesn’t need privatising, it needs someones arse kicking to do their job better.

But there is also a little victory.

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Is The Love Affair Over?

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