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Usmanovs Lawyers Have Another Go

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Schillings have been having another go.
Not content with their first effort at closing the Web, they’ve issued another warning to UK Indymedia about this article.

More here, here, here, and most definitely here for a bit of irony..

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“Safe” Nicotine

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Doctors are calling on “safe” forms of Nicotine, patches, chewing gum etc. to be more freely available to help people stop smoking.

What would be better than all these expensive patches and pills is to make available Allen Carrs’ book Easy Way To Stop Smoking available on the NHS.

Cost less than a tenner, and from at the moment it is on 50 pence more expensive than a prescription.
Unlike the patches and pills, the book is a one off purchase so no repeat prescription and the NHS isn’t giving the patient something for £6.50 that costs it a lot more.

If you want to pack in smoking, give the book ago. You’ll be surprised how easy it really is.


Me and My Shadow…

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Edit: This post has been removed because it made me cringe at how dense I can be sometimes.


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