The Leveson Inquiry: Have your say

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You’ve heard of the Leveson Enquiry, haven’t you? Lord Justice Leveson is looking into pretty much all aspects of the press, from the practices and ethics to the regulation.

The press are gonna do all they can to make sure Leveson gets the impression that things aren’t too bad, actually. “We’re better than we used to be” they’ll say. “It was only the one rogue reporter, well maybe two.”

“We always strive for accuracy” the press will purr seductively in the good Lords’ ear, “and we always, always correct mistakes.”

You know that’s not the truth, though. What Leveson needs is a counter balance. There are already some organisations doing that. Hacked Off and are two of them, and they need our help.

This page on the FullFact site will give you a guide as to what the Leveson Inquiry is after. Basically, if you or anybody know or care about has been affected by the press or even if you just have an opinion about how things do or should work, get in touch with them:

or by post

Leveson Inquiry Team
Royal Courts of Justice

It would be better by email, if you could, though.

Our press needs YOU!

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