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July 22nd, 2009 § 2 comments § permalink

On my old blog my blogroll got quite large and I am purposefully trying to keep this one here not quite so big and ungainly.

Sometimes though there are blogs that I shouldn’t have been left off so long (not that I was leaving these off deliberately). I won’t tell you about them cos I won’t do them justice, but leave you to find out about them yourself:

The Daily Quail

BackTowards the Locus (BTtL has recently had a change of URL, so check out the archive at the old URL, too)

And also, D-Notice a.k.a Gareth Winchester (or should that be the other way round?) is running for President member of Parliament for the constiuency of Bethnal Green & Bow.
There probably isn’t anyone that reads my blog that doesn’t already know that, but I’ve also added a link to Gareths’ They Want To Work For You page at the top of the Campaigns section of my blogroll.

Three links there for you. If you haven’t already, go have a look.

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Ignorethis post. It will be deleted. Probably.

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I’m away for a very long weekend, so expect even less content than usual.

Now, remember. You can have a party, just don’t trash the place.

Test Post

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The all new Sim-O

January 7th, 2009 § 3 comments § permalink

What do you reckon, then?

There’s still a few things to sort out like getting the feeds back through feedburner and little bits and bobs, but other than that, it’s all done.

I hope you like it and would appreciate if you’d let me know of any problems you come across, either in the comments or by email.


September 3rd, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink

Having a bit of trouble with registering visitors at the mo.

It can be done, but you won’t get sent an email to verify you are real and not spam. So I’ve turned off compulsory registration for commenting till it’s fixed.

If you really want to register and I don’t notice that an new visitor needs verifying, send me an email and I’ll do it manually.

Blogroll additions

August 7th, 2008 § 1 comment § permalink

I don’t normally announce changes to my blogroll but I thought these two deserve it.

First up, D-Notice.
Apologies, old chap, I thought I’d added you a while back. But you’re there now.

Secondly, The Sun – Tabloid Lies. A new group blog chronicling Murdochs’ big seller, The Sun, and all the bullshit and blagging that goes with it.

Oh, see you the other side of the weekend.

Service Announcement

July 7th, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink

I have just updated the Pivot software, so any problems let me know.


Teh Management.

test post

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blah blah blah

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