I know it’s been said before but it really winds me up

December 18th, 2008 § 1 comment § permalink

On Radio 4 this morning there was Archbish Williams was talking about some stuff and the credit crunch and bankers cropped up.
Rowan said that many of the bank CEOs he had spoken to were sorry and took responsibility but only in private and have not taken responsibility publicly yet. And then, AND THEN says that in a way we are all responsible!! We all enjoyed the fruits of their empty economy inflating exploits.

W T fucking F?

Some of us didn’t know, and are still not quite sure, what happens in those swanky glass offices in London. Some of us wouldn’t have approved of it even if we did know the details of what the spivs were doing. All of had no fucking choice of whether we benefited from those wankers.
That’s the shit of capitalism. You can’t opt out. if you live within a capitalist society you have to play by it’s rules, if you don’t you sink. I am not responsible for what those cunts in ‘The City’ do.
Some people embrace the capitalist ideals more than others, but even the most principled anti-capitalist commie still has to play by capitialisms rules.

If I’m wrong, I will eat Rowan Williams beard. If he’ll let me.

(typo fixed)

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