Gambling with other peoples money

July 17th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

British Airways are fucking with the people again

The cash-strapped airline will… take control of another £330m in bank guarantees which had previously been set aside for its pensioners in the event of BA falling into insolvency. This comes just three days after BA warned it might not have enough liquidity to survive the economic downturn.

So BA may go to the wall, and to try and stop it, with no guarantees that it will, they have raided the very pot of money that their ex-workers will need if things do turn to poo.

Maybe BA should concentrate on turning a profit rather than trying to maintain their “position as a leading global premium airline”. It’s no good being a premium airline if you ain’t making money.

BA to move in to the voluntary sector

June 16th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

BA are asking 40,000 staff to work for sod all for a month. Just like the the boss, Willie Walsh and his Chief Financial Officer, Keith Williams…

The call for unpaid work is set out in individual letters to staff, and in the BA in-house newspaper British Airways News under the headline Action Time.

It says bluntly: ‘Colleagues are being urged to help the airline’s cash-saving drive by signing up for unpaid leave or unpaid work.
‘From tomorrow, people will be able to opt for blocks of unpaid leave or unpaid work, with salary deductions spread over three to six months, wherever possible.’

It is a hell of a lot easier to forego a months pay if a months pay is £61,000 than it is if your pay is only a grand or two a month. Should a company that is in that much shite that it’s asking it’s staff to work for nothing really be paying its’ boss more a month than most of its’ staff be paid in 3 years?

Could this be the new mantra for capitalism? Work for nothing or you won’t have a job to go to.

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