Local paper holds local MP to account. oh. maybe not then.

June 20th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Richard Bartholomew, did a post on Saturday about Nadine Dorries attack on Tim Ireland, has followed up the suggestion in her new and worse re-post that

My local newspaper editors and journalists are well aware of him and describe him as a ‘menace’ and much, much worse.

Bartholomew asked, via Twitter, the editor of Bedfordshire on Sunday. The resulting conversation, I must say runs completely against what Steven Baxter reckons about local rags, but then there is alwasy an exception. Oh, wait. Tim would be recognised as a local to Chris Gill, and so I suppose, just like Dorries ‘isn’t accountable to non-constiuents’, Chris doesn’t give a toss about non-locals either.

Have a read of Richards’ post. It is quite a shitty and depressing read.

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