On having our door knocked

April 16th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

There was a knock on our front door yesterday. Mrs -O answered it and was asked if she wanted to talk about god. Being a nice person, Mrs -O politely told them we didn’t have time as we were going out for the day. Immediately.

I they were christians of somesort rather than jehovas’ witnesses as they didn’t try to stop the front door closing with their foot and accepted what Mrs -O said. If we had let them in it would’ve been a short conversation wanyway, as we already have Jesus in our life. In the cellar to be precise. Tied up. He’s ok though, we let him out once a month for some excercise. Well, i say excercise, he mows the lawn.

As we were getting in the car to drive round the block, we’d said we were going out they’d only moved onto next door, it occurred to me that not only are these door-knockers deluded, and a bit dim, they came round mid-morning when people are busy, but extremely rude.

These members of the god squad were hoping to enjoy our hospitality, it would be rude not to offer them a glass of red wine and a wafer, at a time of their choosing to talk about a subject of their choosing. For people that are supposed to be well, good people that’s appalling manners. There was two of them, so why they didn’t just talk to each other I don’t know.

Anyway, I thought i would repay them so I followed them home and tonight I’m going round to see if i can get them a life with my VHS collection of Old Testament Top Gear episodes (1977-2001) I recorded off the telly. They obviously need some help.

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