Burden of Proof

October 22nd, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

If you have proof of something and you want me to see it, you have to get it to me.

I had an exchange on Twitter with a christian that said he had indirect proof that god exists.


Vincent says he has proof the devil exists, which would prove the bible is true, which in turn would mean that god really does exist.

This, naturally, piqued my curiosity. If there is proof that god exists, then it’d be interesting to see. Vincent may turn out to be a crackpot, in which case it’d be amusing to shatter his delusional bubble, or he could be right and this could be massive. I’m not going to make any judgements until I see this proof. I’m still waiting though.

This is because Vincent has the proof in on his (locked down) facebook page and I don’t do facebook. Vincent has offered to create and send me a facebook login, but I don’t really want to use a login from someone off the internet I’v never met, for anything, not just facebook. I’ve offered to send him my email address so he can email this prrof for me to see, but it has illustrations and other spurious reason why it’d be too hard to do.

This refusal to use facebook makes me biased and closed minded. Err, Ok then. (btw, I do feel a little superior as I never insulted the guy and was perfectly civil)

Anyway, the point is, if you have proof of something it is upto you to show it. i am not going to go chasing around the place to go and fetch it. I am happy to click a link or send my email address, but I shoudln’t have to login to anywhere I don’t already have an account, or give any details to anybody to see your proof.

You have to give it to me. If you don’t then, I shall presume you’re not what you say you are or your proof isn’t as watertight as you say it is. Either way, you lose.

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