On Mugabes’ ‘foreign owned comany’ policy

September 14th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Talking of fucking stupid ideas, here’s another, also based on the colour of someones skin, from Mugabe this time…

Mugabe told Reuters the government would proceed with a plan for local blacks to acquire 51 percent shares in foreign-owned firms, including mines and banks, despite criticism it will hurt investment flows into the country.

It has always been our aim to have control of our resources … and I don’t think the private sectors of the Western countries would, in total, decide to stay away

Don’t you just love the word ‘aquire’. It could mean oh so many different things.

If that 51% share of froeign owned companies is to be bought by individuals, then not many, I imagine, zimbabwean blacks are going to be able to afford to buy into it (if ‘aquire’ does indeed mean ‘buy’ and not ‘steal’), which leaves just the elite that already have money, keeping the redistrubution of wealth from local resources in the already wealthy.

The term ‘local blacks’ does not mean owned by the state, which income from those investments could be put back into the infrastructure of the country for all, for say, transport, education and health. Although the white Zimbabweans would also benefit, much much more of the impoverished black population would benefit rather than a few of the not so needy.

Denying an opportunity for a section of the popluation on the basis of skin colour, well that’s just good old fashioned racism isn’t it.

Mugabes statement tells me that he is just after an easy buck for him and his mates.


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