U.N.: A Million Unexploded Cluster Bombs Could be in the South

September 29th, 2006 § 0 comments

Up to a million unexploded cluster bombs fired by Israel could be in south Lebanon, nearly three times as many as previously estimated, U.N. de-mining experts said Tuesday.
Israel has not responded to repeated U.N. requests to hand over detailed information about the cluster bomb strikes, making the task of clearing the bomblets far more difficult, they said.

“The situation in south Lebanon now, as a result of 34 days of bombing is that there is extensive unexploded ordnance lying all over the place,” Chris Clark, the top U.N. de-mining official in Lebanon, told a news conference.

The bomblets, half the size of a can of soda, are lying in people’s houses, gardens, on the street and on farmland, he said.

So far, 14 people have been killed and around 90 injured from unexploded ordnance since the Aug. 14 cease-fire according to the United Nations Mine Action Center in Lebanon. A week ago, the U.N. put the death toll at 15.

Clark said it could take up to the end of 2007 to clear the cluster munitions.

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