Have you got a licence for that?

November 19th, 2006 § 0 comments

The present Mrs -O is a little fed up of only five channels, not enough X-Factor and Eastenders apparently, and so I was swiftly dispatched to a well known store to get one of these new-fangled freeview boxes.

I got to the store, and Mrs -O knowing me better than I know myself, I already knew what I was going to buy and so went straight to the till.
The girl on the till took the product number and then looked at me through eyes framed with an inch wide border eyeliner and asked “Can I have your name please?”.
When I gave her the response she was expecting, she followed up with “and your postcode…”.
It was only when I was checking that the till had brought up my correct address that I thought ‘Why?’.
So I asked.
I think the answer to this simple question had already been provided to the girl, but had probably got distorted passing through all the hairspray on the way to her ears, and so came out as “er, for the telly company, we have to do it for DVD players an stuff.”
I presumed at the time she meant the TV licencing Agency, and followed with “would you be allowed to sell it to me if I refuse?”
This flummoxed her and said so, so I left it at that and got home and fitted my new set top box.
All that’s needed now is some decent telly programmes.

Any way, the point is, more information about you, what you are buying and such is being collected. More surveillance.

I think I might try to find out some answers.

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