Civil marraige? What’s that then?

December 1st, 2006 § 0 comments

I caught clip of Newsnight last night and I didn’t know if I heard them right or if I had misunderstood or just heard out of context.

What I heard went along the lines of ‘In Israel there is no such thing as a civil wedding, so this Rabbi is pretty busy’.
Whether the Rabbi is the only one who can do marriages or not is of no concern, but no civil weddings!?

As I say, I didn’t know if I had heard correctly so I asked an Israeli in Jerusalem, Desert Peace, and it is true, only religious weddings are allowed.

Apartheid on religious grounds. How can anyone defend a country that operates that amount of control on it’s subjects? How is this country meant to be a beacon, an example in the Middle East? Ridiculous.


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