Speed Cameras Could Cause Crashes

January 18th, 2007 § 0 comments

We’ve all heard this before from disgruntled motorists, but a Mr Bryan Edwards has made this astonishing claim.
It is astonishing because Mr Edwards is of the Norfolk Camera Partnership.


Speaking on BBC Look East yesterday evening, Bryan Edwards of the Norfolk Camera Partnership said: “What does concern me is of course if people put up fake cameras, motorists could be coming along at 70, think it is a camera, brake, or get distracted and that could actually cause a collision.”

While it is perfectly clear that Mr Edwards is referring to a fake speed camera, it’s obvious that a real speed camera is even more likely to cause dangerous distraction and panic responses from drivers.

Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign
(www.safespeed.org.uk) said: “It’s long overdue that ALL the speed camera side effects were acknowledged and investigated. Everyone knows that there are serious side effects that can cause crashes, but I must say it is unusual to hear such an admission from a camera boss. At Safe Speed we’re even more worried about subtle and insidious side effects that are tending to reduce driver quality.”

“If it wasn’t for massive ‘spin’ and vested interests we would have scrapped speed cameras years ago.”

“Speed camera are simply a distraction from real road safety. We won’t get road safety back on track until we scrap the lot.”

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