5th – 10th June 1967

June 4th, 2007 § 0 comments

While one third of Egypt’s army was in Yemen and therefore unlikely to start a war, Israel claimed to a believing world that the Arabs attacked Israel and that Israel was in danger of annihilation. Both claims were false.

Almost a year after the war, Israeli General Matityahu Peled said: “To pretend that the Egyptian forces massed on our frontiers were in a position to threaten the existence of Israel constitutes an insult not only to the intelligence of anyone capable of analysing this sort of situation, but above all an insult to the Zahal [Israeli army].”

Israeli forces captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, along with the Sinai and the Golan Heights. At the end of the war Israel had succeeded in almost doubling the amount of territory it controlled.

Forty years has gone, There has been all sorts of promises from all sides, but the terrortories are still occupied, and the Palestinians still haven’t got their own state.
Lets hope it doesn’t take another forty years.

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