Silver Ring Thing, err, Thing

June 26th, 2007 § 0 comments

In the press recently there was a story about a girl taking her school to the High Court for denying her human right to wear a silver ring.

Well, her and her parents are involved in the Silver Ring Thing, which is an evangelical crock of shite, originaly from the USA, about wearing a silver ring (hence the name, clever, eh?)to signify that the wearer has taken a vow of abstinence.

I know the bible goes on about purity and such, but nowhere does it say about wearing a fucking ring. Who gives a shit? Keep your legs closed/flies zipped up and get on with your life!!

Hopefully, the high court will see this as it is, a publicity stunt for The Silver Ring Thing.

Unity has done a brilliant job of bringing to light the little bits of info that when put with small amount of info the press has written, the only conclusion is exactly that, a publicity stunt.

Take it away, Unity…

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