Israel Frees (some) Palestinian Prisoners

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Israel has begun the release of a number of Palestinian prisoners in an effort to bolster Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in his power struggle with Hamas.

Ian Domnitz, a spokesman for the prisons authority, said: “We have begun to free 256 prisoners, including six women.”

Israeli officials said 85 per cent of the prisoners being released were from the president’s Fatah faction.

The others are from smaller groups such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [PFLP].

Now, what about the other 10,500 palestinians rotting in Israeli prisons?


Cash For Honours – No Charges

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After 16 months of investigation the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is to drop the case of the government giving honours in return for donations.

How can that be? I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but something doesn’t seem right.


Update: This’ll be the reason why then.

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Right. I’ve had enough.
I don’t like SPAM!!*
I’m cutting ties with an email address, it doesn’t affect anyone reading this unless I’ve logged into your blog, in which case you’ll find the new one, or just use the ‘Let’s talk’ link in the sidebar.

This is really just a tedious link to…

*may contain traces of lie.


Tower of Tyres

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Link:Belfast Telegraph

Celebrating the Battle of Boyne by burning a shed load of tyres and poisoning everyone with the fumes. Not really thought through properly, is it.

Impressive tho’.


Alastair Campbell

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No. I’m not going to do it. Uh-uh. Nope. No way am I going to blog about that fucker.

Click here if you lurrrrve Alastair Campbell


Purity of Arms

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Purity of Arms? Most moral army in the world?
Fuck off.

An al Aqsa TV cameraman being shot on the ground by Israeli soldiers until both of his legs needed amputating.

Hat-tip: JSF


Tea Break

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Every Cloud….

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The best comment I have seen about the recent calor gas cylinder-in-a-car-bomb attempts was this, from a motoring website, Honest John:

Subject: What Iritates You the Most?

Caravans, let’s not forget them.

Maybe the current vogue for inappropriate use of Calor gas cylinders may see them banned and the caravanning industry crumble to dust as a result. Every cloud…..

Alan Johnston – Released

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