An Interesting Approach to Drug Rehab

October 18th, 2007 § 2 comments


Heroin and cocaine addicts on the government’s treatment programme are being given drugs as a reward for clean urine samples, the BBC has learned.
The National Treatment Agency (NTA), which runs the £500m-a-year scheme, admits the practice is “unethical”.

Its own survey of almost 200 clinics in England found users were being offered extra methadone, a heroin substitute, or anti-depressants for good behaviour.

Good behaviour? What is this? Prison?
Either the addict wants to get off the junk or not. If not, fuck ’em off out of the programme because they are just wasting everyones’ time and effort.
If an addict really wants to beat their addiction (and it’s not a habit, ffs) then being clean is reward enough in itself.

More needs to be done for addicts that genuinely want to get clean, including getting their head sorted about it.

The classic case of a drunk. You’re always a recovering alcoholic.
No you’re not. Stop counting the days that you’ve been ‘dry’ and get on with your life. Stop waiting to have the drink that you don’t want. Waiting for something that isn’t going to happen. Going 400 days, or whatever, without a drink/hit. If after that time you still want a drink/hit, then the programme hasn’t worked, cos it’s sure not a physical addiction after that time is it.


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